Birthing a Star

By Linda Lurcott

Being the daughter of an amateur astronomer the night sky is usually a topic of discussion or the plan of the evening, to view through the family telescope. Last fall, I discovered a photographic exhibit, entitled “Star Struck”, on astronomy at a nearby museum. I immediately wanted to take my dad. Then I noticed the museum offered several types of workshops. One workshop was on Art Inspired Poetry, using the Astrophotography exhibit as the Art. My daughter, who has always loved the stars and poetry, joined us for the trip. The exhibit featured several versions of the sky, from deep space photos to earthen landscapes in the evening. All stunning with a beauty all its own. One particle photograph, capturing the birth of a star inspired the poem below:

Birthing a Star

Within a field more expansive than from where I speak,
Our silent universe stirs.
Swirling, sweeping windswept waves,
Allude to volatile thunderous roars and showers of
Vibrantly dancing particles, radiant with light,
Sparkling star dust collides and merge,
To reveal an acute understanding with profound attention.
The brilliant birthing of a star,
Feeling sensations of dazzling wonder and awe, as I witness
An explosive energy far more expansive than from where I speak.

The image that inspired this poem is pictured above. Original image can be found at the Star Shadows Remote Observatory Gallery.

Mazlin, Steve. NGC1907 in Fornax. 2015. SSRO, New Mexico. SSRO Gallery. Web. 6 Aug. 2015. <http://www.starshadows.com/gallery/display.cfm?imgID=505>.