woman at night in the snow

Winter Night Bleeding Heart

By Reshmi Haque

Winter nights so long and cold.
The wind howls outside, so bold.
The sky is dark, the stars are bright.
Whereas the moon casts a silver light.

The snow is falling, softly, slowly.
A blanket for the earth below.
The world is quiet, hushed and still.
A peacefulness that can’t be filled.

But inside my heart, there’s a pain.
A bleeding wound that won’t sustain.
For memories of you still linger.
And the hurt they bring will forever linger.

The fire in the hearth is warm.
But it can’t ease the storm.
That rages within my soul.
For you are the one who made me whole.

So I’ll sit here, on this winter night.
And gaze out into the starry light.
And hope that someday, you’ll return.
And heal the wounds that still burn.

Reshmi Haque is a passionate and published poetess/author from India. Poetry relaxes her mind and feeds her soul as well. Her first anthology is “Screams of silence.” She is a co-author of several anthologies. Reshmi participated in few poetry contests and got appreciation awards. Awardee of India Diva Award (IDA) in the category of excellence as an author. She is a constant learner; a positive thinker.

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