girl with paint on her face

Wood by Ruth Humphreys

Fear on the edge of creativity
Love on the edge of danger
A plaiting of ideas, fears, loves
It is the same here
Tell me what is your story?
What is it you need to express?
What is it you want to share with the world?

I see you humans, you can not disguise it
Keep creating, keep writing. It keeps you alive.
Share poems
throw paint at the walls.
Feel the deliciousness
taste the words, sharp, sour, sugar coated, bitter, gall
We are alive in this moment.

Go to the garden, smell the soil, rub it between your fingers
Bring it inside, add water, place your hands in the soup
Ask for your emotions, to never lose them again
No longer the numbness, the wood, the actions of one without senses

Do you smell that fear?”
Do you really want to feel everything?” asks a figure, scaly, grounded
I reply with a wail, guttural, ancestral, not my own sound.

It is done”

A wave of sensations hit my body
the energy of the earth

The touch of my skin.

Ruth Humphreys is a storyteller and Inner Child Facilitator. She teaches about the power of sacred play, and the art of integrating play, creativity, and spirituality into our lives. Ruth runs the Wonderled Playground, a safe space for leaders to explore wonder, courage, and inner growth. Ruth can be reached at

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