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    Moon Blessings

    By Susan Morgaine I lay upon my bed Beneath the window, shade raised Bathed in the moonlight I am blessed   I hear her as She calls to me I slip silently from my bed and out the door   I feel the grass, cold and damp beneath my feet as I walk toward my sacred circle illuminated by her radiance   I close my eyes, lift my head, open them She is there in all of Her shining beauty   I feel my eyes glistening as I gaze upon Her, bringing Her into myself, Her light, Her energy.   I quietly return to bed Beneath the window, shadow raised…

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    Mary Magdalene

      Danielle is a intuitive visionary artist and created  this painting, acrylics 40 x 50 cm – 16x 20″. Her artist’s name is PREM.  Danielle states, “It has been a wonderful journey to paint Mary Magdalene. When I started to connect with her Presence, She asked me to put an oil lamp in front of her… but actually it looks pretty much like a jar = The Woman with the jar!”

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    Meditation Poem

    Meditation in Light and Dark by Kathryn Gordon Prisms glow in fire and squirrels knot themselves on bark. Emerging slowly, branches etch a forest into snow — In this way, all living things grow more vivid in unfertile soil. About the Author: Kathryn has written poetry for many years because it helps her to identify more clearly what she is thinking and feeling. Imagery from the natural world is always a major source of inspiration for her. Kathryn became a sister recently, at Calan Gaeaf 2015.

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    Light on the Water

    This photograph was taken by Sara Leedom. Regarding this photo, Sara states, “I have been doing the Gold Ray Quest, and the theme of light has meant a lot to me now that we are turning toward Emergence. Having spent so much time in shadow and doing the necessary healing work, it feels like a big exhalation to break through and let in the light.” Sara joined the Sisterhood of Avalon at Calan Mai 2015. She lives in Seattle with her fiancé, a cat and a dog. She works from home doing video game development. Her spiritual path has taken her many places, and she is grateful for the opportunity to…

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    The Dark

    THE DARK By Robin Corak I am afraid,” the little girl whispered, as she shuddered and backed away. “But whatever is there to be afraid of?” asked the old woman. The little girl could not see the old woman but could hear her voice as if from far away. “The dark…I am afraid of the dark”, the little girl replied. “Why fear the dark, dear one?” The voice came closer and the little girl could feel something moving toward her. Her heart quickened as she shrunk away, trying desperately in vain to find an escape and clinging to the last bit of light reflected within the room. The crone asked…