Recipe for Sacred Space Clearing and Blessing

by Edaine

Is your space just not feeling right? Do you have a home for sale that is not selling? Is your home, office, or shop feeling dark, heavy, or not welcoming? Most likely, you need a space clearing and blessing. In the same way that we need to keep our bodies clean with good hygiene, our homes and offices need cleaning and clearing too. This is called “Psychic Hygiene”. When there is negative activity in a space where people have been arguing, or, someone passes away and there is a residue of sadness, or, there are spirits (ghosts) lingering in your space, it will create a feeling or condition in the environment that actually repels happiness, light, abundance, and good vibrations from coming in and staying. People who are not familiar with what psychic energy is, will not understand why they don’t like being there, they just simply leave.

We purify our own bodies, often of negative energies without even thinking about it. When we cry, we are releasing sadness through tears, by the water purifying us. When we yell, or get angry, we are expressing ourselves and clearing the air, (so to speak). When we are fearful, our bodies can shake, which allows excess energy to be released, and so on. Our bodies and nature itself, naturally release energy that needs to move on. This is why it is unhealthy to live or work in a space that is containing negative energy or entities, and is not natural or healthy to hang out with it. Energy has a vibrational level to it, and higher vibrational environments “feel good” to us, but we don’t know why. The same goes for us as human beings. When we hold in or try to contain negative emotions, we find ourselves dealing with a number of problems that rise up in our life. If our space or where we spend time is containing negative emotions, energies, or entities, it will have problems arise within it. We need to help to clean and clear this environment.

Here is a recipe that combines shamanic herbalism, sound healing, and spirit communication that will restore and reset your space to a healthy, joy-filled, peaceful place, where people will naturally want to be. The process takes about an hour, depending upon the size of the space. There is no better gift to offer yourself and the people in it, than a sacred space clearing and blessing!


Kosher Salt


Disposable cups


Photo of Deity

(If you don’t have a photo or picture of a deity, you can print a photocopy from the web)

Wind chimes or Tibetan singing bowls

Burner or fire proof bowl


Oven mitts

Mini Charcoal tablets


Jasmine Incense

Large kitchen or waterproof trash bag


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Before starting this process, please be sure to have proper ventilation by opening windows and doors. Please read through the instructions to make sure you have all of the tools needed out and ready to go.

You are working with fire, so, please make sure you have fire proof containers and are using caution!

Place the photo of your chosen deity and place it in the center of your space.

Take a disposable cup and fill half way with tap water. Put about two tablespoons of Kosher salt in each one. Slice the lemons into wedges and squeeze the lemon juice into each cup of water with the salt and then drop the lemon wedge into the cup.

Place one of these cups with the water, salt, and lemon in it, in each room of the space you wish to clear. After setting a cup in each room, get out the charcoal disk, place it in your burner or fire-proof bowl, turn it upright on it’s side and light it. It takes a couple of minutes for the charcoal get fiery enough to burn things with it. You may wish to set this near a window or ventilation. Get out your camphor and chimes. Once the charcoal looks orange, it is ready to have about a few pinches of camphor thrown onto it.

Put on your oven mitts and take the burner with camphor (which should be smoking at this time) throughout the space you wish to clear. Use your intentions to ask that all energies and entities that are harmful or unwanted there to leave. Your intentions mean everything, and you have the right to claim your space!

After having gone through all areas of this space with the burning camphor, put it down in a fire proof surface, or outside in a fire proof area.

Pick up the wind chimes, or singing bowls and play them as you go through again, each area in your space that you wish to clear.

(If you come upon any stubborn energies or entities, state aloud, “Go to the Light, or leave this property now!”

Again, this is your space, and any spirits or remaining energies from the past do not belong there now.

An additional tip for giving ghosts or spirits the boot, is what I call, a “rescue”. A rescue is when we call upon the ancestors, relatives, or deceased loved ones of a spirit that is occupying our space and ask them to accompany this soul back to the Light. The spirit has the choice of either going to the Light with them, or simply leaving your property.

After you feel you have gone through each room and sense more of a neutrality or lighter feeling, you are ready to complete the process and seal the space.

Take your jasmine incense and light it. Go through your space with the jasmine and sing a happy song, or chant a sacred that you like. Place the jasmine incense on a burner and allow it to burn all the way down to the end. Take your large, kitchen trash bag and go around your space picking up all of the disposable cups and place them (water and all) in the trash bag.

When you’ve picked up all of the cups with water and put them in the bag, take the bag outside to the trash can or off the property.

After you have done this, you have now sealed and blessed your space with happiness and good vibrations!

Take a shower or bath to cleanse yourself and enjoy your brand new space!

Blessed Be ~

Edaine is a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon, is a psychic tarot reader and medium, magical herbalist, and spiritual counselor, who has offered thousands Divine Guidance Readings since 1998.

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