Fashion in the Pagan World

Pagan Fashion: Up-cycling, Reusing, Renewing

By Kae Lea


Spring is here and kicking! You’re going through your closet trying to figure out what to donate, what to keep, and what just needs to be thrown out. Well, instead of throwing items out how about up-cycling it or finding a new way to use it.

I think everyone in the community can get behind this idea. Why let that pair of jeans go to a land fill, only because one pant leg is stained or you have an orphaned pillow case. Why not think outside of the box and turn it into something different.

Up-cycling –according to Wikipeida is “the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.”

Works well with the Sisterhood principles:

Reusing- to use again for a different purpose

Renewing- making new, finding a new way to use it.

So I know that these definitions sound alike and, yeah okay, maybe they are, but that’s not really the idea I’m shooting for. Instead, look at that old t-shirt and see that you can cut it up and make a scarf with it, or did you know that if your hair is wavy you can use a t-shirt to dry it and it will hold the waves better? Two different examples of using that same item for different reasons. One is more up-cycling and the other is more reusing.

Some of you may be saying this is not really very fashion forward, and that’s true it’s not the latest and greatest; It’s not a must-have, but you know what it is an essential idea for a Pagan to have. It’s also close to Earth day and why not do a 3R thing for fashion.

So, take a re-look at your closet and see it something can be changed or used in a totally different way.

Want so ideas to get you started?

-A t-shirt into a scarf

-A plain t-shirt as a hair wrap

-Your favorite pair of jeans into a purse

-A pillow case into a tote bag

-Sweater sleeves into sock tops for tall boots

Your choices are only limited by your own imagination.

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