Those of Us Who Weave

By Jennifer Miller


If you would be a fiber artist,
you must learn the art of unmaking
as well as making,
undoing and doing,
unweaving as well as weaving.

You will pull out stitches,
and sometimes entire rows,
but remember there is power in this, too—

Power in knowing you can go back
to where the first error was made,
power in seeing where you strayed
from the pattern,
power in starting again with clearer vision.

You are a daughter of Brighid, Minerva, Athena,
Grandmother Spider, and all goddesses
watching over those of us
who weave threads and words through time.

You can face the Norns, my child,
fierce though they may be,
as they show you the evolving tapestry
of your life.

Some threads are theirs alone
to place upon the shuttle or rip away,
and some, my dear, are yours.

What colors will you choose?
How will you add to your unfolding destiny?

Jennifer Miller, BA, MA, is a poet and member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Inspired by the rugged beauty of her Southern Appalachian roots, the tenacity of the women who raised her, and her own walk with the Goddess over the last two decades, Jen explores themes of women’s spirituality, empowerment, nature, and healing in her poetry and prose. Her work has appeared in Rebelle Society, SageWoman, Goddess: When She Rules, and Faces of Womanhood. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @quillofthegoddess.

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