ocean shoreline

The Water Remembers

by Rev. Rachael Wright

I walk in sands
Far from the land of my birth
Far from the shores of the Holy Isle

The fog rolls in and enrobes me
“Welcome back,” it whispers
For the Water Remembers

These misty droplets, once part of the oceans, the rains that nourished the first trees and mosses. Once part of the Mists that protected Avalon. Once the sweat of my brow- lifetimes ago, now inhaled and part of me once more.

I sink into the waters.
The brine embraces me.
The waves roar over me, “Welcome Home!”
The Water remembers.

I continue down the beach, through the fog and the mist. Chilled by the water. Warmed by the memory.

Looking out over the bay, another island, half shrouded by the low clouds, beckons, “Come Home.”

One day, some day, I’ll give into the urge. Walk into the Waters and emerge through the Mists at a Land beyond Time.

Until then, I’ll soar in my soul over Land, Sea, and Sky, and dive through the waves of memory and dream.

For the Water and I remember.

Rev. Rachael Wright’s path of service led her to becoming ordained so she could give couples the ceremony they wanted, in their own ways. She is a published author in “Circle Magazine” and the WICI journal “Weaving Traditions” (as well as one of its illustrators and editors). She has written and performed songs at Gaia Fest and the grand opening of “Coffee and a Spell”. Rachael loves being in wild places and near water. She joined the Sisterhood of Avalon in Spring 2021.

Photo Credit: Misty Island by Rev. Rachael Wright, June 25, 2023

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