Owl of Cwm Cawlwyd

Fin (the Owl of Cwm Cawlwyd)

by Jenny Bates

It’s raining, and my dreams of an evening meal
feel like a wet discarded rag.
It’s a blanket of a day.
Wisely, I wrap my disappointment around me and dream of fish;
whose fins carry them through water like my wings through air.
It’s ironic being an owl, thinking myself unearthly.
Endowed with so many good creature gifts,

Except in the earthbound shackles of rain.
In the rain I must suffer the crucifixion of natural ignorance.
A glitch in my creation, I get the joke.
The earth used to be more thoughtful, I think.
I’ll laugh with all the other birds at dawn and dusk,
raising my voice, for no one need tell me what to do.
I’ll hunt masterfully in the moon glow bending in the clear night.

For it’s between twilight and the morning star
they all know me to be subtle and sublime.



From the author:
I have always considered my writings to be a mirror of the natural world. Like the sea reflects the heavens indefinitely making it possible to discover hidden meanings in its reality. I hope to convey the symmetry between humans and fellow animals. Whether it be in the cycling of pulsating life or silent death. I hope those who read my poetry come to touch the world and the travails of totally different yet kindred beings and as I do, feel less alone. I am a former SoA member.

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