One Woman’s Thoughts – Part 6

One Woman’s Thoughts

By Susan Morgaine


Freedom is an illusion

We are tied by tradition,

chained by charade,

stymied by society

We are held back, pushed down,

shut up, demeaned,

defiled and defrauded

Do this; don’t do that

Say this, don’t say that

Behave like this, not like that

We might give you this,

but we’ll take that back

Don’t speak your mind,

speak mine

Thoughts of your own?

Keep them to yourself

Do what we say,

dress as we say,

behave as we say

Dying inside?

We don’t care

We always get our way

Freedom is an illusion.

Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Healer, Writer, Yogini.  Her writings can be found at her blog at ShaktiWarrior.wordpress.com, PaganPages.org, The Girl God Anthologies, “Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak” and “Jesus, Mohammed and the Goddess”, as well as Mago Publications “She Rises, Volume 2.  She has also been published in Jareeda and SageWoman magazines.  She is a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach/Facilitator through Imagine A Woman International founded by Patricia Lynn Reilly, , who has long been involved in Goddess Spirituality and Feminism, teaching classes, workshops and groups within MA and RI.  She can be reached at ShaktiWarriorSpirit@gmail.com.

Editor’s Note: This is the last part in a six part series. You can view part five here.