mountains behind a large body of water

Llyn Morwynion

by Kate Brunner

She and I stood together,
on a slate bank, humming
with bee-laden heather.

She turned Her sharp skull
towards me and smiled wistfully
through bleached sockets.

I smiled back, my own sharp
eyes filled with glistening
dew drops of confidence.

I was ready, I was sure.
Buzzing, dizzy as a bee, over-
flowing with eager honeyed magic.

She sent me forth, knowing
the intrinsic ephemerality of
perfumed honey and heather.

She knew I’d be back when I
lost that evocation of sweetness,
back when it was past time.
To let tears fall
on cool slate and bone.

Kate Brunner is many things, a poet and a woman of Avalon among them. She joined the Sisterhood of Avalon in 2010 and continues to this day to deeply love and learn from her Sisters and her spiritual home.

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