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Kings and Queens

By Jan Muse

I am darkness, I am light.
I am grounded, I take flight.
I am the hottest summer day,
And the coldest winter night.

I am the deepest of Oceans,
The highest of stars.
I’m a little bit Venus,
And a little bit Mars.

I’ve been a leader,
I’ve been led.
I’ve been starving,
I’ve been fed.

I’ve been shallow,
I’ve dived deep.
I’m Awake,
But I still love sleep.

I’ve lived on the streets,
I’ve slept in a bed.
I’ve been stone-cold sober,
And way out of my head.

I’ve lost count of the times,
That I’ve almost died.
And counted my blessings,
Each time I’ve survived.

I’ve been loved, I’ve been hated.
I’ve been a saint, and X-rated.
I’m a mother, a grandma, a sister, a wife.
I’ve been a loser and a winner.

I’m pro-choice and pro-life.
I’ve stood up for freedom,
I’ve sat down for peace.
I’ve rocked against racism, been beaten by police.

And it’s all within me,
And it’s within you.
If we open our hearts,
We will find Common Truths.

We all have our stories,
We all have our song.
We all need each other,
For us to move on.

It’s not black or white,
It’s not that or this.
It’s above us, below us,
Between and betwixt.

The Air that we breathe,
The Earth under feet.
The Fires in our bellies,
The Waters so deep.

So, let’s unite people,
Love and support one another.
Stop judging and dividing,
Let’s work with our Mother.

We are Earth-keepers,
We chose to be here.
Hold on to your hearts,
And release all your fears.

Let’s hold each other up,
Let’s all dare to dream.
After all brothers and Sisters,
We are all Kings and Queens.

Originally from London, UK, Jan now lives with her husband in the beautiful Peak District, UK. She is a mother of three and grandmother of five. Her passion is natural living, working with Plant Spirit and Herbalism, Holy fire, Reiki, chickens, and cats. She encourages everyone to stand in their own Sovereignty with her workshops, training, and treatment offerings. Jan is an Awenydd of the Anglesey Druid Order. She is also a number one Amazon best-seller with a collaboration called Words of the Wise: Wisdom from Awakening Journeys. magicalmusemedicineweaver.com

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