Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness

by TB Kelley

In the darkness I seek, I seek for the hidden knowledge, hidden deep within the dark of my mind. The space holds all that is powerful, all that is mysterious. The darkness with in is where I go. Spirits of the ancients fill my soul, their remnants of life for me to behold. Tending to what they once did, to bring about magic, and creation within.

In the darkness there lies a key, a key to the wisdom blessed upon me. In the darkness of my mind, I find the gods, I find divine.

In the darkness my mind is free, learning to live beyond my wildest dreams.

TB Kelley is a follower of the Old Ways, worshiping the Earth and all her creations. Hecate is her Matron Goddess. She enjoys writing Poetry, Rituals & Spells. She is a Mother of 3 children and 3 fur children.
Knowledge is her passion.

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