Desert Rose

Desert Rose

By Heather Elizabeth Warren

Her mother dropped her in the

dry, undernourished soil

Alone, without others to tend her

Invisible, nearly dead

Standing still

With little ground to walk on

sun with a scarce few dew drops

is what she fed on

somehow she blooms

by the miracle of

perseverance &


no one to thank

but her own

inner strength


Heather has written and self-published a collection of poems called, Gringa Haikus based on her travels in Mexico. She also wrote and self-published a children’s book called The Stellar Queen of Oaxaca. She loves poetry as a quick form to get profound or emotional truths across. Writing is a gift that has helped her through mental health challenges, life transitions, and inner healing, as well. Heather lives in Ontario, Canada.

Photo Credit: “Desert Rose” by J B is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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