A Lion

Last night I dreamt of a lion

By Ruth Humphreys

Last night I dreamt of a lion.

The moon was full, she met me by a childhood stream.

I walked with her

equals, calm, poised

Inside screaming.

This was a rite.

A little faster, she caught up, her mouth open considering her prey.

Her head on my chest, playing with my fingers,

a gentle bite.

I sensed others fear around me, willed them not to approach.

I removed my hand and held my breath.

Her heavy body on mine, resting.

It was complete, she was mine and I was hers.

Last night I dreamt of a lion.

Ruth Humphreys is a storyteller, writer and spiritual artist. She teaches about the power of sacred play, and the art of integrating play, creativity and spirituality into our lives. Ruth runs the Wonderled Playground, a safe space for leaders to explore wonder, courage and inner growth. She has connections with lions of all kinds. Ruth can be reached at