Cauldron of Cerridwen

Cauldron of Cerridwen

by Jennifer R. Miller

I am at ease in your velvety darkness
that covers and heals me
in places the light cannot reach,
because I am much too weary now
for all that blinding brightness.

Under the supple, lustrous rays of the moon,
I stare into the swirling black void
of the cauldron that you stir and stir,
seeing the eons pass behind and before me,
giving myself, once again,
to your magick of transformation.

I have died so many times,
so many lives, so many selves,
eternally decaying and rebirthing,
as the never-ending spiral
pulls inward and spins outward.

What shall we create this time, Dark Mother?
What shall bubble up from the detritus?

I hold nothing back from you,
White Sow, Shape-shifter,
Keeper of Knowledge and Inspiration.
All that I am is yours,
as it ever has been
and ever shall be.

Jennifer’s passion is exploring and celebrating the Divine Feminine through creative arts, shamanic ritual, intuitive readings, and holistic healing. She blogs at quillofthegodddess.com and nautilustarot.wordpress.com. Her works have also appeared in SageWoman and Wild Woman Rising 

Note “Cauldron of Cerridwen” was originally published on Jennifer’s blog, Quill of the Goddess. She granted the Tor Stone full permission to reprint.

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