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Reclaiming The Feminine

By Andrea Lewis

(Part 1 of a 3-part series)

A few years ago, I opened my Akashic Records and met with my soul from a successful past life. It was months after I launched my sacred business and because I wasn’t seeing the results I anticipated, I was ready to give up!

From my mind’s eye, I saw the image of a woman come forth in the Akashic meeting room. She wore a medieval dress and orange-red colored cloak with gold embroidery around the collar and sleeves, her hair dark and flowing past her shoulders. She resembled a Priestess from the King Arthur era.

“What happened during your lifetime that caused you to be successful?”

She said, I kept honing my skills: intuition, healing, and psychic abilities by nurturing myself.

“How can my soul achieve maximum growth from the situation?” I asked for further clarification.

You need to be love and light.

“But this doesn’t tell me how to attract clients?” I said with frustration and she responded with assurance. Your clients will find you, keep showing up daily and believe in yourself.

At the end of the conversation, I thanked my past-life expert for assisting me, then I sent her back to the Light and closed my Akashic Records.

As I reflected on the meeting with my past-life expert on the simplicity of the message: to be love and light. I realized, that unconditional love, included the parts I wish were different—my past, my not so wise choices, my limiting beliefs and fears.

Something I struggled with all my life, I kept looking for love outside of myself.

What would Love do?

I pondered on the question: what would Love do? And when the answer came: love your inner child, initially I dismissed the guidance. Then I recalled in my empowerment coaching program, a story my inner child had been replaying in my relationships with men. Because she didn’t get love, kindness, safe, y and value from mom and dad, she would sabotage my efforts.

I even mentored women when I was in school, explaining that the cycle will repeat itself until it is interrupted and stopped. It’s what Melody Beattie calls unfinished business.

Sick with pneumonia and homebound, I sat with the insight and eventually acknowledged, that I too abused my inner child with negative self-talk and neglected her. I concluded that I needed to parent my inner child.

But I didn’t know how. The concept of play and having fun seemed to be a foreign concept. So, I contemplated how I would love my inner child and I learned that I needed to incorporate activities that she enjoyed in childhood.

Drawing, coloring, and dancing was my creative expression. I spoke to myself lovingly, indulged in treats, ate on china in my dining room and I dialogued with my inner child when she felt afraid.

I also released unresolved pain from childhood as well as did past life healing in the Akashic Records. I discovered many lifetimes as a priestess, gypsy, and witch from the 14thand 15thcentury. These past lives were traumatic!

I hid to stay safe from being killed for my beliefs, I was burned at the stakes and I had taken vows of poverty, meaning I didn’t charge for my services or charge a fair wage.

There were many more traumatic experiences that my soul carried into this lifetime and I cleared and released the old vows, plus forgave the person(s) who contributed to my pain.

The more I examined my past lives, the more I realized how they affected my present life and I began to see a common thread. I was terrified to speak out; I had a lot of shame and feared retaliation and judgment.

It explained the reason I didn’t have a voice in my relationships and I chose to play small and dim my light. I was trying to stay safe!

Within six months, the pneumonia dissolved and the initiation period in my Akashic Records was complete. I no longer recognized myself; my voice changed—it was softer and I felt more alive! By reclaiming my feminine power, I attracted my first healthy, loving, fulfilling relationship with a man.

A new doorway began to open

Though I was happy and the relationship was everything I believed that I wanted, my intuition was guiding me to return to the places where I had a successful past life as a Priestess.

It took months for me to interpret the signs, messages, and omens, but by maintaining a child-like curiosity, I stayed open, jotted down my musings, created a mind map, reviewed and updated my goals, journaled, consulted the Akashic Records, contemplated and took guided action along the way.

With patience, persistence, strength, humility, and trust in a divine plan, as well as divine timing, the six-week spiritual pilgrimage to England unfolded. I didn’t have an itinerary. All I had was a belief that I would be led to where I needed to be and to what I needed to do, see and know. The one question I pondered was: what will I discover about SELF?


Andrea Lewis is a Certified Spiritual Medium. After retracing her successful past life as a Priestess, Andrea reclaimed her gifts and answered a deeper calling. It is her mission to help women heal past wounds with their family members in spirit. Through Andrea’s mediumship reading sessions, her clients experience a burden being lifted and they begin the journey of reconciliation and forgiveness. Cut the ties that bind you in this free forgiveness meditation: http://www.andreamlewis.com

Image Credit: “Wells – doorway vicar’s row” by Sarah is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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