Meditation for Spring

Meditation for Spring

By Willow Hurlburt

Transformation. Emergence.

Rebirth. Resurrection.


Myths of transformation – of resurrection from death – abound. Jesus, Persephone, Adonis, Inanna, Osiris, Dionysus, Balder, Tammuz, Ishtar, Quetzalcoatl, Blodeowedd, Izanami.

This time of year we see nature’s message, incorporated into popular symbols:

-Caterpillars metamorphose into butterflies – one body dies but the creature lives on

-Fragile, yet impenetrable eggs with their hardened shell break open only from within with life – break them from without, nothing

– Rock-hard bulbs, seemingly lifeless, nonetheless break free and struggle through their earthen tomb to eventually blossom in the open air

Change comes from within.

Once we shed the old, push away the cocoon, the shell, the stone, we too can emerge anew.

The message of the Gods and Goddesses, of the myths, and of Nature Herself is that true change takes work. It is hard. Part of us has to die. We have to let go of what no longer serves us. And we have to do it ourselves.

As we pause on the brink of spring, let us prepare for change. This meditation can be used with a group, with one person reading aloud.

Before we physically push out of our shells, before we roll the stone away, let us take a moment to prepare ourselves energetically.

First, sit comfortably in your chair, and close your eyes. Sit up straight with your feet firmly on the ground and your back against the rest. Lay your hands gently on your lap. Palms up or down, see what is most comfortable to you.

Become aware of your breathing. Take a deep breath in through your nose, allow your stomach to expand as you breathe in, hold the breath for a few seconds and then breathe out your mouth slowly. Allow your body to relax on the out breath.

Consciously slow your breathing down with each breath you take; breathing in through your nose, holding it for a few seconds and then exhaling out your mouth.

With each breath you take, your body is becoming more relaxed, and your mind is becoming more clear and focused.

Breathe in through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, and exhale out your mouth.

As you continue breathing comfortably, visualize a sphere of energy, glowing red centered in your body at the base of your spine, between your sit bones. With each breath see it growing larger and more clear. See a seed nestled there at your root chakra. See clearly this seed of light, of energy, the potential for growth.

See it grow larger, filling the glowing sphere of red. See roots of light traveling down, down, into the earth with each breathe, pulling up nourishment, anchoring us to the earth, connecting us. You are safely held in the arms of the Mother.

As you continue to breathe slowly and comfortably, see the top of the seed moving upward. Pushing through you see it move past red into orange as it blends with the energy of your belly. Watch the transparent seedling begin to unfold as you breathe into the orange glow of your sacral chakra. Continue to breathe as you see the warm orange glow that colors the seedling. Joy fills you with each breath.

The young planting grows ever upward and as you breathe slowly and comfortably, you see it mingle with the golden yellow of your solar plexus chakra. Breathe in the energy of the sun, light and nourishment, filling your diaphragm. See the seedling push through, dissolving any obstacles to growth, seeking to emerge. You feel energized and alive as you continue to breathe into the golden yellow light.

You see the young shoot break through and suddenly turn a glorious green. Young leaves unfurl in your heart area, breaking through the metaphysical earth, pulsing with vitality and love within a spinning sphere of emerald green. Breathe deeply into and of this energy, feeling your heart chakra open to possibility, to love, to life. As you breathe, you see a bud is forming amongst the leaves. You can see a hint of pink at its edges as it grows bigger and unfolds its stem, growing higher.

As you breathe, see a glow of robin egg’s blue enveloping your throat chakra. Breathe comfortably. Know that this plant is of pure energy; see that it is transparent even while it is clearly seen. As it moves upward it gains a delicate blue tint to the edges of the pink. The petals begin to loosen as you breathe comfortably. As the petals begin to unfurl, the song of the universe sings through your soul. Any difficulties to growth are shattered by the music and you see beautiful confetti that explodes outward as it is transformed and revealed as illusion.

As you breathe, the flower grows higher still. Unfurling even more, you see the deep purple of indigo outline the flower petals. See the energy of your brow chakra, of your third eye, opening to possibility, to growth. As the flower fills your brow, you see the beauty and magic that is life all around you. See the magic and the beauty within yourself. See clearly your place in the dance of the universe and know that it is good.

As you breathe, the flower pushes ever upward even while its roots sink deeper. See the petals of the flower unfurling through the beautiful violet hue of your crown chakra as it moves through the top of your head. As you breathe, feel the whole plant, from the roots below your feet into the earth, through your body and out past the top of your head. See the violet sphere spinning and opening the flower. Know that you are Divine.

As you breathe, the flower fully opens and you see the dazzling white of its heart, a thousand petals whirling.  Allow the flower of light to exit through your crown chakra, being released out of the top of your head. It travels up your astral cord and through your higher chakras – towards your higher-self. You connect with your best self, with the divine, with the universe.

You see your connection to the All. You see you are part of everything around you and that it is Good. You are safe and healthy. You feel alive and well. You are who you are.

You are in awe of the beauty and the light. Take a few minutes to soak in this image of your higher-self now. Allow your mind to be still and receptive. Maybe your higher-self has a message for you?

Simply allow yourself to be still and wait for any guidance.

It is now time to leave this meditation. Allow any excess energy you feel to drain into the Earth, nourishing Her. Thank your higher-self, and thank your-self for taking the opportunity to connect. Remember your connection and remember to care for the beautiful flower that is you.

Gradually bring your awareness back to your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, slowly roll your shoulders back, and when you are ready come back to waking consciousness.

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