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30 Day SOA Challenge – 5

Editor’s Note: This 30 Day Challenge will run in weekly segments with 5 days per segment. Each subsequent segment will be linked to the previous one. Click here for Days 16-20.


Days 21-25

By Robin Corak

Day 21: Getting to Know You altar. Set up an altar for a goddess that you don’t work with as often and/or who you may have challenges relating to. Branwen has always been a bit elusive for me and yet she encompasses everything that is Avalon. Recently, my husband built me a small corner shelf above one of my other altars. This is my altar to Branwen and it is always up. The shelf contains a candle, a picture of a rose gifted to me by another sister, and a bronze statue of a beautiful woman holding a baby boy. Each time I do spiritual work in this area, I find myself feeling like I am getting to know and connect with Branwen more and more.

Day 22: Get Your Awen On! Try writing a chant for an Avalonian goddess, station, or sacred site. I know some of you are thinking that you don’t have it in you, but I think you do. It doesn’t matter if it sounds beautiful to your ears, if it’s long, if it rhymes, if it makes sense-the only thing that matters is that it comes from your heart. Besides, unless you decide otherwise the only people that will hear the chant are you and whatever goddess or energy you devote it to. If you really can’t bring yourself to try writing a chant, then simply try chanting the name of one of the Avalonian goddesses multiple times as a way to connect with Her.

Day 23: Trance Posture. Try your hand at one of the Avalonian trance postures The trance postures can be found on The Isle under the files and forms tab.  Be sure to journal about your experience once you have attempted the posture.

Day 24: Goddess Challenge-Arianrhod. Do the same activities you did on Day 2 but for Arianrhod.

Day 25: SOA Vision Board. Make a vision board (either on posterboard or electronically) of all things that remind you of and/or resonate with you about Avalon and the Avalonian tradition. Reflect in your vision board the goals you have for the year and the things you want to learn, do, or accomplish as it relates to your spiritual work. Be sure to look at this board on a regular basis and take note of what things on the board end up manifesting in your life.

*The Isle and Roundhouses referenced in this article can only be accessed if you are a current member of the Sisterhood of Avalon.

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