30 Day SOA Challenge – 4

Editor’s Note: This 30 Day Challenge will run in weekly segments with 5 days per segment. Each subsequent segment will be linked to the previous one. Click here for Days 11-15.


Days 16-20

By Robin Corak

Day 16: Goddess Challenge-Bloduewedd. Do the same activities you did on Day 2 but for Bloduewedd.

Day 17: Avalonian Runes. Make your own Mirror Runes as described in Avalon Within and work with them.  If you have already made these runes, do a reading and perhaps think about new and different ways that you might be able to use the runes.

Day 18: The Kybalion. Read about the 7 principles covered in the Kybalion. Pick one principle to use in your spiritual work or to provide progress or resolution in a personal situation. Determine how you will use this principle and note what occurs when you do.

Day 19: Apple Branch: If you haven’t already, make an apple branch. If you have already made an apple branch, consider adding to it or perhaps make a branch to be used in your work with a particular goddess or station using wood from a tree associated with Avalon or with that particular goddess.  Information about the apple branch can be found in Avalon Within.

Day 20: The Nine Keys. Pick one of the Nine Keys (listed under the Nine Keys tab on The Isle) that resonates with you. How are you enacting this key already? How can you further enact it in different areas of your life.

*The Isle and Roundhouses referenced in this article can only be accessed if you are a current member of the Sisterhood of Avalon.

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