30 Day SOA Challenge – 3

Editor’s Note: This 30 Day Challenge will run in weekly segments with 5 days per segment. Each subsequent segment will be linked to the previous one. Click here for Days 6-10.


Days 11-15

By Robin Corak

Day 11: Herbal Moon. Dive into the lessons of the current herbal moon. Learn more about the herb using the Avalonian Oracle and/or other resources. If you happen to have some of the herb, sit with it and use all of your senses to experience it. Perhaps even try making an herbal elixir.

Day 12: Trance Posture. Try your hand at one of the Avalonian trance postures. The trance postures can be found on The Isle under the files and forms tab.  Be sure to journal about your experience once you have attempted the posture.

Day 13: SOA Ritual. Use the Avalonian ritual in Avalon Within. Which parts of the ritual resonate most of you? Which are the most challenging? If you have worked with other traditions, how is your experience with this ritual different than others you have done?

Day 14: Sacred Incense Making. Experiment making incense blends for Avalonian goddesses, locations, stations, etc. You can explore what herbs and oils to use by looking for mention of herbs in the Avalonian goddess’ myths, learning what herbs are native to Glastonbury and Wales and/or exploring the attributes of different herbs. The herbs in the Avalonian Oracle are a good resource as well. Try blending different herbs (I usually blend no more than 3-4) and oils together and burn them on charcoal. Have fun experimenting!

Day 15: The Ninefold. Pull all of the Ninefold cards (ie Seer, Ritualist, etc) from the Avalonian Oracle deck. Think about which of the Nine you resonate with most and do an imram to talk to visit that Roundhouse and talk to that matron. Alternatively, you could put all of the Ninefold cards face down, shuffle them, and pick a random card to determine where you will go and who you will work with. You could even set up an altar to one of the Nine and their area of specialty with the oracle card as a focal point.

*The Isle and Roundhouses referenced in this article can only be accessed if you are a current member of the Sisterhood of Avalon.

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