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Woman In Red – Review


Reviewed by Craig Pruess

Multi-Award-Winning Music Producer & Musician

It has been an honour to contribute to this haunting and exquisite album. There are songs that will break your heart, and others that will create divinity in your listening space, all with an underlying sense of beauty and peace. All through, Krishna Rose’s vocals shine forth with sincere conviction and a genuine power. It was the content, mood and lyrics of these 12 original songs that first drew me in to accept a production role for this album. The style of the musical arrangements behind the magical singer/songwriter voice is both sacred and yet contemporary, pleasing but still able to explore the pain and longing of the subject matter: Mary Magdalene. I would like to write a little why this album is so important for our time:

At the turn of the millennium, in the mass consciousness of humanity, the energy of the Magdelene started being brought forth into the ether through songs, stories, films and chants. In all spiritual traditions of the world, the Divine Feminine stands for peace, love, truth, compassion and wisdom. I myself became immersed through my own decades of meditation practice, which inspired me to record a widely known CD, “The 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine”, with its flagship song, “Devi Prayer” being adopted in self-development workshops globally, yoga centres, ashrams and healing centres, even feature films. So, exploring the expression of the Divine Feminine Principle in music and chant is very close to my heart. “Women in Red” fulfils the current need for accessible songs that express the intense yearning and love that our global awakening is bringing. I feel blessed to be part of this album.

And it’s not just the women of the world rising up in their leadership role with the values of the Divine Mother, it is also the Divine Masculine in both men and women that is so sincerely needed in challenging times, as, rooted in compassion and love, we are able to embrace what needs to be done to change an aggressive and de-sensitised society — to counterbalance the greed, corruption, pollution and violence which has endangered our very planetary existence. It is nothing short of the “birthing” of humanity into a new era of unity, unconditional love, belongingness and the wonder of co-creation — all the very qualities of the Divine Feminine that exist in us all… both women and men — maybe just a little dormant in some of us.

My favourites on the album are “Fair Maiden”, which almost has an old European shamanic invocation quality; “The Last Goodbye”, which so poetically and beautifully captures the last moments of The Magdalene and her separation from her Beloved; the driving pulse of “Haunt Me” and the transcendental quality of the “Govindam” sacred chant. There is a richness and depth to the album which reveals itself on repeated listenings. I should know, I have already listened to the songs hundreds of times and they have become my companions and dear friends during these last special months. Krishna Rose is a voice to cherish and support, and it is my prayer that the album gets the recognition it so richly deserves.

WOMAN IN RED – Magdalene Speaks
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Editor’s Note: This review was originally posted by Craig Pruess, on September 2018. Reproduced on The Tor Stone with written permission.