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The Journey Of Remembrance

by Andrea Lewis

(Part 2 of a 3-part series, Part 1 is available here)

In February, about one year after I met with my soul from my successful past life as a Priestess, I sold my house and within a few days, I clarified my plans and took inspired action. I booked my flights and accommodations in St. Ives, Cornwall; Glastonbury, Somerset, and Marazion, Cornwall; for a six-week spiritual pilgrimage to England.

I then proceeded to pack up my house, donate items, sell furniture and throw things out in the recycle bin or garbage. As I symbolically released the past, I experienced a range of emotions from loss, joy, and fear of the unknown.

Time seemed to quicken and my sacred business had finally taken off! From the one client I provided an Akashic Reading to, she sent me a handful of referrals. Most resulted in paying clients and in between providing ancestral healing, I nurtured my inner child through play and I dialogued with her, to release her fear of change and travelling alone.

Following Your Heart Requires Radical Trust

A few days after I moved out of my house, stored my belongings in storage, I was on an airplane to England and after two days of travelling, I arrived in St. Ives, Cornwall, but my luggage did not!

While I waited for my belongings, I contemplated on the reason I was guided to travel to England. Each morning I sat atop a hill, soaking up the white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, rock formations, and rolling hills.

I felt oneness with Goddess Gai, a sense of belonging and familiarity as if I finally arrived home. I didn’t consult a map extensively and I didn’t get lost. My feet seemed to know exactly where to go, and as I walked the narrow and cobblestoned streets, I admired the quaint shops that sold pastries, jewelry, souvenirs, and other memorabilia.

I never got tired of the view, it looked like paradise. The harbor was lined with restaurants, mostly seafood. St. Ives was once a thriving fishing and mining town—the tugboats, dinghy boats, and sailboats are reminiscent of that era.

No one seemed to be in a rush, they meandered along the streets and I took in the many art galleries scattered about, with the various creations made by hand—crystals, glass, metal, and pottery as well as paintings and sculptures. Their artworks unique and exuded something magical.

I enjoyed hiking up hills to the Coastguard lookout and to St. Nicholas Chapel and spending hours taking in the panoramic views of St. Ives. The winds were strong and the sun shone bright, but the answer to my burning question, why was I here? Was always the same: be patient.

There were many signs that put my fears to rest, feathers scattered on my path indicating that I was protected, plus dragonflies that brought the message that I was spiritually supported by many assisting in my development.

A Profound Experience

After thirteen days, I travelled from St. Ives on a four-hour journey to Glastonbury via the Great Western Railway (GWR). When I arrived, I noticed a vast contrast, not only in the landscape but the vibe.

As I walked on High Street, I felt transported to the sixties. People were dressed in hippie attire and the window displays elaborately showcased healing crystals, witchcraft wares, goddess and angel statues as well as vintage clothing.

Metaphysics and the legend of King Arthur were subjects in bookstores and Tarot card readers, Psychics and alternative healing were the norm.

Locals greeted me with a nod, smile or hello—they’re demeanor friendly, open and accepting.

Each morning I hiked up to the Tor, a Celtic word for hill. Once I reached the top, I was rewarded with views of lush greenery, blue skies, white clouds clumped up like cotton candy and bright sunlight for miles. After communing with God, I’d feel more grounded and connected to everything and everyone in a way I haven’t before.

When I visited the Glastonbury Abbey, Gregorian chants played in the entrance and it tugged at my soul. As I walked around the grounds, I was flooded with memories of times past and on a deep cellular level, I had knowingness that this sacred site, is where I had my successful past-life as a Priestess.

But the following day when I visited St. Margaret’s Chapel on Magdalene Street and learned that the group of buildings dates back to the 13thcentury and was built by the monks of the Glastonbury Abbey, to care for pilgrims and the sick. I wondered if I was one of the pilgrims because almost immediately, I burst into tears!

I had a sense that I was there—I touched the cobblestoned walls to connect with the energy, searching for clues as to the reason I remembered being there, but didn’t find any answers. Then I entered the Chapel and prayed, before walking around the small, but beautiful garden and sat in one of the benches, to process all of my emotions.

I also frequented the Goddess Temple, located in the Courtyard. It is a place dedicated to the Lady of Avalon. I sat in stillness by the elaborate altar adorned with votive candles, vases of lilac and roses, as well as a large painting of the Goddess. She welcomed me with open arms and before I’d leave, I would make an offering and thank her for my healing gifts, then light a votive candle.

By the end of my time in Glastonbury, my heart was cracked open. I felt brand new, healed and whole.

Prayers Answered

I returned to St. Ives and within a few days, I travelled to Marazion via First Kernow, a Cornwall bus line.

The town quaint and small, consisting of a handful of galleries’, a pub, a pharmacy and a corner store with a post office. Scattered about are B & B’s, two hotels and a few cafés.

One morning, I walked to the pier and took a boat to St. Michael’s Mount, the main tourist attraction. After I disembarked and my feet touched the cobblestoned ground, I walked to the ticket box.

Within a short while, I took the scheduled half-hour guided tour, which informed me about the historic past of the island. I also learned there are thirty residences maintaining the upkeep of the island.

Then I made my way towards the Castle and trekked The Pilgrims’ Steps, periodically stopping along the way to admire the well-manicured gardens. When I arrived at the top and lowered my head to enter the Castle, a gust of wind followed me.

As my body vibrated, the guide who greeted me provided instructions on how to tour the grounds, except I couldn’t hear her!

After I toured a few rooms, I felt emotional at the clues I uncovered and I was grateful for some much-needed air to alleviate the faintness I experienced. Then as I stood outside a building marked Church, I heard my inner voice: the answers you seek are in there.

But I didn’t rush inside, instead, I took a moment to collect myself before entering The Church of St. Michael And All Angels. Immediately, I was overcome with emotions and because of the crowds of tourists, I suppressed my tears.

So, I found a chair tucked away in a corner beside a stain-glassed window and closed my eyes and clasped my hands in prayer. With Gregorian chants playing in the background, I was transported to a scene from a different time…

I’m in this castle wearing a medieval dress and a bright light emanates from my hands and heart. Then I heard ever so clearly. You forgot the Christ light, your oneness with the Divine—God and Goddess.

As chills ran down my spine, I returned to the present moment and before I opened my eyes, I allowed the emotions to rise up to the surface and the tears to flow freely.

After I gazed at the altar and tourists, I got up and left the church. I then spent a few more hours on the grounds and received profound insights and by the time I trekked The Causeway towards the mainland, I felt that my spiritual pilgrimage was complete! I received clarity as to the reason, I was afraid to shine bright, in this life.


Andrea Lewis is a Certified Spiritual Medium. After retracing her successful past-life as a Priestess, Andrea reclaimed her gifts and answered a deeper calling. It is her mission to help women heal past wounds with their family members in spirit. Through Andrea’s mediumship reading sessions, her clients experience a burden being lifted and they begin the journey of reconciliation and forgiveness. Cut the ties that bind you in this free forgiveness meditation: http://www.andreamlewis.com

Image Credit: “Cornwall, UK” by Jennifer C. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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