Station of Confrontation

The Station of Confrontation

By Jhenah Telyndru

The Station of Confrontation of the Avalonian Cycle of Healing is aligned with the festival of Gwyl Mair (Imbolc) in the Cycle of the Sun. In the Cycle of the Moon, Confrontation holds correspondence with the Dark Moon phase. This stage of the journey requires us to recognize the truth of our core issues — old wounds, active fears, embraced limitations. There is a sage saying: “That which is unconscious, controls us.” Once we see that which lies hidden in the unconscious, we can understand what has quietly been motivating our actions and guiding our choices without our knowledge, causing us to view people and situations through a filter based on unexpressed fears rather than seeing things for what they are with conscious clarity.

It is no easy thing to grope around in the darkness of the psyche, seeking to unearth the root causes of our pain, the moments of our woundedness, the unmet needs and desires of our formative years. But there is power in our pain, and a true treasure to be had, here at the bottom of the cauldron of changes. For once we understand the place from which our Shadow patterns arise, once we name the root of our self-imposed limitations and outmoded beliefs about ourselves, we can finally free ourselves of the tangled outgrowth that has obscured the truth of our vision, allowing us to instead reallocate those energetic resources of the psyche to more constructive pursuits — the actualization of the authentic, Sovereign self.

The lessons gained through facing the challenges of the present situation bring powerful and lasting transformation.  Work through the pain in order to obtain the gift of deep healing this opportunity brings. Revelation brings closure and insight, regardless of how difficult it may be to see the truth of the matter. Taking responsibility brings understanding and is the first step to reclaiming personal energies tied up in old patterns that no longer serve the greater good. Do not be afraid to let the old self die; pruning dead branches allows the tree of the soul to flourish and reach for greater heights. Be patient with the process, and know that what is going on beneath the surface will bring great change and new direction. Be still. Seek the underlying themes and question motivations of the self and others. Honor the pain and trust the process.  Like a seed in the ground, growth always happens in the darkness. Soon, new shoots will break through the surface of the hard earth, bringing the promise of spring and life’s renewal.

Excerpted with permission from “The Avalonian Oracle: Spiritual Wisdom from the Holy Isle” by Jhenah Telyndru, Illustrated by Emily Brunner. (Schiffer Publishing, 2016)

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  1. Well, well (pun intended). This article is so on the mark for me. We have had so so much loss in the past ten years, we have los everything and are so close to being homeless with all of the Sanctuary animals that are still with us. My heart is riddled with millions of cracks that make it very heavy and make it hard to go on. I cannot make the tears that fill my eyes actually cry – like I am dried up or cried out. I always manage to adapt and go on, but it has been a long, lonely and bitter road. I will endeavor carry on and the Sisterhood is always with me even though I have been unable to pay dues or participate for some time. Benditio Afallon all.

  2. The perfect synchronicity and timing for my reading/understanding today. I even drew a tarot card in the Robin Woods deck – with the TOR in the background, as pictured and featuring the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL (5 of cups). Such a confirmation you have provided and such an encouragement to me as I am facing the darkness/shadow with courage, but the journey also requires the light to shine in to give hope along the way, when it is the toughest. This is what you have given, the light that shines on the path, the hope that awaits and the victory of overcoming our own shadows. Thanks and Gratitude from the bottom of my heart!

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