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Returning Home

By Andrea Lewis

(Part 3 of a 3-part series; see Part 1 and Part 2)

The inner peace that followed me for the remainder of my time in England, soon dissolved when I returned to Canada. I temporarily lived out of a suitcase between my mother’s and boyfriend’s home and I felt out of place, both literally and figuratively.

So, when Goddess Kali and the energy of the Aquarius, partial solar eclipse in February, swept through my life, eighteen months after my spiritual pilgrimage and ended the relationship, plus the work I had been doing with a business coach.

I could no longer deny that I had been hiding in the relationship. I realized, I abandoned myself and my dreams because I was afraid to shine brightly.

Riding The Winds Of Change

As I grieved the loss, my Spirit Team guided me to be patient, I was experiencing personal growth. Admittedly, it was uncomfortable being in stillness-silence-solitude and when I received the guidance to travel to Ireland as well as study mediumship. I resisted!

But, with nothing to lose, I listened. It took months for me to interpret the signs, messages and omens, but by maintaining a child-like curiosity, I stayed open, jotted down my musings, reviewed and updated my goals, journaled, consulted the Akashic Records, contemplated and took guided action along the way. With patience, persistence, strength, humility, and trust in a divine plan, as well as releasing my fears, the three-week spiritual pilgrimage to Ireland unfolded.

Leap Of Faith!

At the beginning of June, I travelled to Galway and after a few days of exploring the residential neighbourhood in a rural area, I took the local busto the city. The temperatures unseasonably warm for Ireland. Within ten minutes the bus arrived at Eyre Square, a popular meeting spot and as I disembarked, I walked towards St. Nicholas Collegiate Church. Making my way through the swarms of tourists, shops and traditional pubs.

Once inside, I was greeted by a volunteer seated at a foldout table in the entrance. As I perused the brochure, I walked about the church, tuning in to the energy and when I found myself standing in the Chancel, my eyes scanned the stone walls, it felt familiar.

Inexplicably tears formed in my eyes as I approached the padded bench, fixated on the brass cross and knelt, then I bowed my head and clasped my hand in prayer and communed with Jesus. I asked him for help, before posing questions: what happened in the church? Why was I brought here?

In my mind’s eye, I watched a streaming video of a chaotic scene—monk’s trying to organize a group of us to safety. Lit torches along the walls, then I saw myself being separated from a group of people, I sense I had a close bond with. The scene felt urgent, then a monk places a rosary in my hand and he says, “Godspeed.” He repeats it and the scene dissolves.

As my heart centre opened, I slowly opened my eyes, retrieved a tissue from my rain coat. I dabbed my eyes before getting up and sat on one of the empty wooden chairs in the nave. Later that day, I ate my lunch overlooking Galway Bay and I suddenly realized that this was the port of my escape to England.

A few days later I followed my guidance to research the Christian reformation and I learned that it began under King Henry VIII in 1534. It was the era I was living in. I had to escape for fear of being persecuted for my beliefs, because I didn’t fit the religious profile of either Catholic or Protestant. It was a time of spiritual cleansing.

Mysteries Revealed

When I returned to Canada, I felt as if something was missing and my Spirit Team wasted no time and guided me to return to Ireland, specifically to Limerick.

Initially, I was resistant, but the longing to reunite with my soul family outweighed my fears. One day as I sat in contemplation, I retraced my past-life. My home was in Limerick and because of the Christian reformation, I escaped with my soul family. We travelled to Galway, then we became separated before I went in exile in England.

First, I arrived in Glastonbury, then I hid in the castle in St. Michael’s Mount before spending the remainder of my life in St. Ives.

I then recalled when I visited Barnoon Cemetery, I had an eerie feeling and the raven perched on one of the headstones watching me, sent chills up my spine because it ensured we made eye contact, before it flew away.

I suddenly realized, I was buried in that cemetery.

Radical Transformation

After I graduated from my mediumship program, my Spirit Team guided me to let go of my previous work—the three-month program I created, combining empowerment coaching and Akashic readings to heal the mother lineage, plus teachings on Archetypes.

Needless to say, I was resistant, rather my inner child was and she displayed this resistance by sabotaging my efforts. My throat chakra would shut down when I sat in mediumship circles. But my Spirit Team were persistent, they found ways to advise me to listen and with the energy of the triple eclipses and the Lion’s Gateway, the message was loud and clear! It was time for me to shine my light.

Goddess Rhiannon amplified the message when she guided me to become sovereign. So, I asked for help because my techniques were no longer effective and I was led to the healing modality to integrate my inner child. Not only did I receive gifts from my inner child and an important message, I felt whole, complete and balanced.

Experience Is The Best Teacher

A few days prior to the autumn equinox I travelled to Limerick and the day after I arrived, I walked towards St. Mary’s Cathedral. Making my way in the downpour of rain and the strong gusts of winds.
Once inside, I was greeted by an elderly gentleman standing behind a desk in the entrance. As I perused the brochure, I walked about the Cathedral, tuning in to the energy, at times breathing heavily.
When I sat in a padded chair in the O’Brien Chapel, I closed my eyes and asked: what happened in the cathedral? Why was I brought here?

In my mind’s eye, I watched a streaming video of a chaotic scene. Lit torches along the walls, then I saw myself clinging in fear to a group of people. The scene felt urgent, I wore no shoes as the monks led us to the back of the Cathedral. Then the scene dissolved.

As my heart centre opened, I slowly opened my eyes, retrieved a tissue from my raincoat. I dabbed my eyes before getting up and sat on one of the empty padded chairs in the front of the cathedral.

When I tuned in to the energy, I felt that I stayed there for a little while. In my mind’s eye, I saw myself and the others dressed in a monk’s garb. The scene then changed—we were leaving from a side entrance in the Lady Chapel. We walked in darkness, it seemed extremely late as we were led down to the Shannon River and embarked on a boat. I now knew the journey was to Galway, where we met other monks who led us to St. Nicholas Collegiate Church until it was no longer safe.

Nothing Is As It Seems

After ten days, I returned to Canada and I had no doubt that Limerick was where I used to live in my successful past-life as a Priestess and though I intended to reunite with my soul family, it didn’t go according to my plan.

Experience taught me that I needed to allow the unfolding of the spiritual pilgrimage. I discovered that my inner child stubbornly held on tightly to the pain story from the past. Emotionally she felt unworthy and she displayed this resistance by sabotaging my efforts. I didn’t listen or even trust my Spirit Teams guidance!

Equipped with this insight, Mary Magdalene reminded me, that I needed to love myself unconditionally—the parts I wish were different—my past, my not so wise choices, my limiting beliefs, and fears. Once again, I integrated my inner child and felt whole, complete and balanced. I recalled my past-life expert’s advice: believe in yourself. This time I not only understood it intellectually but emotionally too. Nothing is as it seems—am I creating my reality from a place of love or fear?

Self-love is an essential trait of being an empowered woman. It’s what we all strive for—to live a life where our thoughts align with our beliefs and to act accordingly.


Andrea Lewis is a Certified Spiritual Medium. After retracing her successful past-life as a Priestess, Andrea reclaimed her gifts and answered a deeper calling. It is her mission to help women heal past wounds with their family members in spirit. Through Andrea’s mediumship reading sessions, her clients experience a burden being lifted and they begin the journey of reconciliation and forgiveness. Cut the ties that bind you in this free forgiveness meditation: http://www.andreamlewis.com

Image Credit: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you’ll be criticized anyway.” by katrinanicole; is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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