Wise Women…Past and Present

by: Leandra

Standing in her kitchen, she ponders her life

Her never ending job as a mother and wife

She thinks back to the days of Olde

And how the witches lived as the stories are told

So much has changed throughout all these years

Fear for their lived replaced with new fears

Do we let it slip at work of the path that we follow?

And face friendships replaced by words that are hollow?

She stirs a pot that’s simmering on the stove

Thinking back again to her ancestors in groves

Gone are the cauldrons and cast iron pots

Replaced by microwaves and thousands of watts

Gone are the secret circles under the trees

Replaced by online covens and groups with fees

Gone are the herbal remedies prepared with love and care

Replaced by drugstores selling remedies by the pair

When she thinks of what’s been lost, her heart grows heavy with grief

But before heart breaks she remembers one detail with relief

The witches of Olde and their way that was wise

Are not gone completely or buried with lies

The greatest lesson they taught and passed down through the ages

Was to hold inside the wisdom and safeguard the sages

They taught us to blend in and adapt to the times

So that we may survive, grow and pass along their rhymes

So while she may not use a pot made of iron or stir with a branch from a tree

She takes pride in the knowledge that a witch she is now and will always be!

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