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Empowerment from Within

Jamie Michelle Waggoner, with the Women of the
May 2014 Texas Red Tent Retreat

The women of the Red Tent sat in circle at retreat this past weekend; laughing, crying, sharing our stories about empowerment. After a guided vision journey with the goddess Blodeuwedd, I captured the words of the women as they spoke from the heart about their experiences, creating the powerful poem you see below … a beautiful reflection of our group journey and collective wisdoms.


Empowerment from Within
A Red Tent Poem

I saw Her eyes – they were golden
She said to me, “Fly!”
I want to soar, this strong urge to soar
To fly free as my Authentic Self –
There was connection
Pink and white, love, the heart
I am Goddess, God-Essence
I am, I am.

She was there, She hugged me
I was in a completely different world –
I just want to fly free
Break through my chains, even those chains
I have made for myself.
Not deterred by fear
Having the courage to be my True Self.

Flopping around in clothes and shoes too big
I have been wearing these points of view
That are not mine.
They do not resonate with me anymore.
Blossoming like a butterfly
What a wonderful feeling release is!

A tapestry is made of many threads –
Sometimes we tie off one thread
To go another direction.
This is how I really feel, this is how I LOVE ME –
I am free to study, to share, to love deeply
There is another dimension to me
The power to Serve and Bless,
And I envision the Altar I am going to build
Honoring my Self again.


© Women of the May 2014 Texas Red Tent Retreat and Jamie Waggoner.