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Inner Child; Inner Queen (part 2)

Meditation Journey for Healing your Inner Child

by Lori Feldmann

Sit in a calm, relaxing space. Take nine deep breaths, and let go of the cares and worries of the day. Continue this cycle of breathing until you have come into a relaxed and peaceful state.

Find yourself in your childhood home. (If you had more than one, use whichever place you identify most with your childhood). Really visualize the space, and make it as real as possible. Pull as much detail as you can from memory. When you have made the home as real as possible, find yourself knowing with your entire being that your younger self – the young girl you were, is somewhere here with you. You may find her wherever she feels most safe or in the place she loved the most as a child, or you may find her somewhere that she finds a scary place to be. Know in your heart where she is, and go to her.

When you find her, introduce yourself – let her know that you are her, all grown up. Treat her as you would any young child in your life, with compassion and gentleness. If she is in a scary place, reassure her that she is safe with you. If she is in a place you beloved as a kid, smile and tell her you remember this spot and how much she loved it. Tell her that you just want to spend time with her, and talk to her. So often as children, we just wanted attention, and you will find that giving her the attention you sought is a giant healing step in and of itself.

On this first visit, just be with your younger self. You may have words of comfort for her and she for you.  The same with questions, but try and just use this first time as an opening of a pathway – a time of introduction and reassurance that you will come visit her often.  Ask her if this is where she will be next time you come and visit. If she is in a place you didn’t like as a child, guide her to your favorite spot, tell her she is safe there, and that this location is where you will come visit her from now on.

As your time with you inner child progresses, you can ask questions of your younger self – things that might be helpful on your healing journey are:

  • What do you love doing?
  • What is your favorite music? Movie? Book? Why?
  • What do you want to do when you grow up?
  • Who is your best friend? What do you love about them?
  • What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Use these questions and whatever else occurs to you to get to RELEARN who you were. This is you at your most innocent and authentic time – so many things about us we lose as we grow older, and spending time with your Inner Child allows you to get to know yourself once more.  Not only is this valuable for you, but the time spent with that little girl we all carry, allows US to heal THEM as well. As children, we have fears about the future – and it is only in hindsight that we can see the truth of them. This is your chance to let your younger self know that everything will be ok, to reassure them that they become an amazing woman, and that they have a wonderful life ahead of them, no matter what they go through.

Whenever you are done speaking with your younger self, show her as much affection as possible. Give her hugs. Tell her she is amazing and wonderful. Tell her you love her, and that she is so loved by so many people, then and now. The more you visit, the better bond you create – the more affection you can give and will get in return. This is truly reaching backwards in time to heal yourself – and allowing that to heal you back. Give your younger self all the things she wanted and needed to hear but may never have gotten to.  Let her give you the wisdom of her innocent view of the world and the truth of who you are.

Tell her you will return, and tell her she is safe where she is until you do so.  With a last farewell, take another cycle of nine breaths, and carrying what you have learned with you, return to the here and now.

You have now created a safe space for you Inner Child to CONSCIOUSLY dwell, and the more you visit, the more it will be nurtured. The more it will become a real spot inside of you, where your Inner Child grows in confidence.  And in continuing this work, that Inner Child becomes one of confidence and surety – one not guided by woundedness but by knowledge and a belief in herself.  And the place where she dwells inside you transforms from a place of fear and anxiety and self-doubt, to one of strength and power and a deep-seated knowledge of self. You have transformed your Inner Child into your Inner Queen, and now this is the place within yourself where you can look when you seek answers to life’s questions – when you are looking to exist and decide from a place of Sovereignty – of action based off of knowledge of yourself and what will make you happy and fulfilled in this life.  It is a hard journey, but one well worth undertaking.

Disclaimer: As always, with any of the healing work we do, if you find this work brings up painful memories or associations for you that you are having trouble dealing with, please seek professional help to guide you in your healing process.  There is no substitute for a licensed therapist when we are overwhelmed by our process – always surround yourself with a team to aid you: mind, body, and spirit.


About the Author

Lori Feldmann has been a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon for 16 years, and serves as Cycle Matron on the Council of Nine and as a hearth mother for her local hearth in Poughkeepsie, NY. She has been on a Goddess and women’s spirituality-centered journey for over 20 years, and is called to helping other women find their own path. A former editor of the Tor Stone, she has been writing and publishing articles on Goddess spirituality for over a decade, and finds the written word to be her most joyous outlet, and a way to help other women find their own Sovereignty and purpose.

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