into Emergence…and action

It doesn’t feel like spring yet. Up where I live, in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania, the snow is still falling, sometimes gently, sometimes not so gently, and we are all waiting patiently for the cold to break.

It doesn’t smell like spring yet either. Each season has a distinct smell, just like each has a distinct feel. I still smell the cold and the wintery mix. I still smell ice and frozen barrenness. I want to smell a leaf or a bird chirping, or my neighbors coming out of the front door for longer periods of time instead of just dashing to their cars or to pick up the frozen newspaper on the front porch.

I want it to be spring, but we are not there yet. I’m not there yet. I’m still reeling from the insights and struggles of Confrontation, shedding a glimmer of light on the shadowy figure that stands before me so often, but is still a stranger.

Spring often brings a mixture of energy and renewed action, a chance to start moving a little more quickly and breathing a little more deeply. For those following the Cycle of Healing in the Sisterhood, spring brings about the end of confronting a shadowy figure and digesting the lessons we have learned from that encounter.

Here at The Tor Stone, we are facing our own emergence after confrontation. For several years we have operated as an e-journal for those in the Sisterhood. Sometimes we have extended our reach to some women outside of our borders, but for the most part, we’ve been sequestered. Sequestered isn’t exactly a positive word nowadays, but that process of seeking within and keep the outside apart from us, can be healing as well as damaging. The Tor Stone, teetering on the precipice between hidden and unhidden, has decided to cross the bridge, step away from the holy isle, and extend our reach to Sisters not living on our shores.

Metaphors aside, this process has been a long time coming. The leap to a more interactive format was necessary for our survival. We are an interactive organization and we seek and often crave more communication with our Sisters who often don’t live near us. We saw this as an opportunity to extend that reach.

So, welcome to our new format and for those of you who are new to The Tor Stone, we thank you for joining us. We all hope that spring is quickly and gently pushing winter aside and allowing the flowers to bloom all around us.
Spring is ready to emerge, but she hasn’t done so yet. Neither have I, but I’m ready. I’m very much ready to emerge. Join us and we can emerge together.



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