Hekate Devotion

by TB Kelley

Blessings to the Goddess above, poring down on me all her love, she showers me with knowledge, and keeps me safe. Goddess Hekate no one can replace. Bless me in everything I do. Great Goddess Hekate I ask of you.

Help me through the strifes of life, make me be strong, and face my demons plight. At the crossraods we will meet, dancing under the moon where the magic will be free, for you’re the Great One. I pray to thee

Bring your hounds, your torches too, to light our way, to find the knowledge I wish to gain from you. You hold the key to where I wish to be, umong the anicents, strong and free! Learning the ways , to empower me, Goddess Hekate walk with me.

Let your wisdom flow into me, bring me to where I wish to be…make all my wishes come true, mighty Hekate bring to me the enlightenment that I seek from you!

So mote it be.

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