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    Divine Mother and Her Children

    I celebrate Mother Earth and the multiple aspects of the Divine Feminine.  “Divine Mother and her children” has been a wonderful journey into softness and it still touches my heart very much.  Under the benevolent gaze of Divine Mother, there we are all walking on our path in this incarnation. I have been Inspired by the amazing artist Rassouli.    www.danielletonossi.com

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    Panagia… visual Meditation

    My recent painting “Panagia”  (pronounced pan-a-yee-ah), the feminine form of the ‘All-Holy,’ is inspired by my visit to the Paliani convent on Crete while on a Goddess Pilgrimage with Carol Christ. I am not a Christian, however for me, along with many, Mary is the archetypal mother. She further represents the Divine Feminine, while for some she is the feminine face of God. Mother Mary reminds me that even within the confines of patriarchy–and within traditions we may be ideologically opposed to–‘She’ is present. My intention was to capture a mother’s deep love for her child, while at the same time acknowledging mothers who have lost a child, those who…

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    Great Mother, Mercurial Child

    By Kate Brunner I am not a boy-mom.  As much as I wish I was, I am just not.  I gave birth to three wondrous little things; first, a girl and then later, boy-girl twins.  I have a son, but even after seven years of shared life, he remains, in so many ways, a complete mystery to me. With my eldest, I could feel she was a girl with absolute certainty from the moment we created her.  She had a name very early on in our gestation and everything about a girl child guiding me across the initiatory threshold of motherhood felt perfect and holy to me.  She was born…