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    30 Day SOA Challenge – 3

    Editor’s Note: This 30 Day Challenge will run in weekly segments with 5 days per segment. Each subsequent segment will be linked to the previous one. Click here for Days 6-10. THE SOA 30 DAY CHALLENGE Days 11-15 By Robin Corak Day 11: Herbal Moon. Dive into the lessons of the current herbal moon. Learn more about the herb using the Avalonian Oracle and/or other resources. If you happen to have some of the herb, sit with it and use all of your senses to experience it. Perhaps even try making an herbal elixir. Day 12: Trance Posture. Try your hand at one of the Avalonian trance postures. The trance postures…

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    30 Day SOA Challenge – 2

    Editor’s Note: This 30 Day Challenge will run in weekly segments with 5 days per segment. Each subsequent segment will be linked to the previous one. Click here for Days 1-5. THE SOA 30 DAY CHALLENGE Days 6-10 By Robin Corak Day 6: Scry! (At least try!) The act of scrying is intimidating for many people. Unless it is something you have learned or it is something that comes naturally to you, the pressure to see something in a bowl of water or a crystal can be overwhelming and frustrating. I think much of this pressure is due to the preconceived notions we have about scrying as well as the…

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    30 Day SOA Challenge – 1

    Editor’s Note: This 30 Day Challenge will run in weekly segments with 5 days per segment. Each subsequent segment will be linked to the previous one. THE SOA 30 DAY CHALLENGE Introduction and Days 1-5 By Robin Corak  Once upon a time, many many years ago, I joined the Sisterhood of Avalon. This, my friends, was before the days of Sisterspace and The Isle. While I didn’t have to walk ten miles in the snow each way to get to school, I did have to deal with the rudimentary dreaded technological beast known as Yahoo Groups. This was also before Jhenah’s book Avalon Within came out. I was initially overwhelmed…

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    Woman In Red – Review

    WOMAN IN RED by KRISHNA ROSE – NEW ALBUM Reviewed by Craig Pruess Multi-Award-Winning Music Producer & Musician It has been an honour to contribute to this haunting and exquisite album. There are songs that will break your heart, and others that will create divinity in your listening space, all with an underlying sense of beauty and peace. All through, Krishna Rose’s vocals shine forth with sincere conviction and a genuine power. It was the content, mood and lyrics of these 12 original songs that first drew me in to accept a production role for this album. The style of the musical arrangements behind the magical singer/songwriter voice is both…

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    Moon Blessings

    By Susan Morgaine I lay upon my bed Beneath the window, shade raised Bathed in the moonlight I am blessed   I hear her as She calls to me I slip silently from my bed and out the door   I feel the grass, cold and damp beneath my feet as I walk toward my sacred circle illuminated by her radiance   I close my eyes, lift my head, open them She is there in all of Her shining beauty   I feel my eyes glistening as I gaze upon Her, bringing Her into myself, Her light, Her energy.   I quietly return to bed Beneath the window, shadow raised…

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    The Awen

    By Joanna van der Hoeven The awen symbol is based on an original design by the 18th-19th century Druid revivalist, Iolo Morganwg. It consists of three lines falling to the right, centre and left. Modern Druidry incorporates the original source point of three dots, which can either be seen as points of light or drops from the cauldron of the goddess Ceridwen. The awen symbol represents, among other things, the triple nature of the Druid path, incorporating the paths of Bard, Ovate and Druid. It is not an ancient symbol, but a modern Druid symbol, used widely by Druids the world over, regardless of their opinion on Iolo and his work.…

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    Returning Home

    By Andrea Lewis (Part 3 of a 3-part series; see Part 1 and Part 2) The inner peace that followed me for the remainder of my time in England, soon dissolved when I returned to Canada. I temporarily lived out of a suitcase between my mother’s and boyfriend’s home and I felt out of place, both literally and figuratively. So, when Goddess Kali and the energy of the Aquarius, partial solar eclipse in February, swept through my life, eighteen months after my spiritual pilgrimage and ended the relationship, plus the work I had been doing with a business coach. I could no longer deny that I had been hiding in…

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    Calan Gaeaf 2018

    By Susan Morgaine Slowly, I inhale. Consciously, I exhale. Willingly, I descend. I will fear, but will not cower. I do not wish to look, but I will not close my eyes. I may tremble, but I will not fall. I will be strong; I will confront; I will ascend, and I will emerge.

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    The Journey Of Remembrance

    by Andrea Lewis (Part 2 of a 3-part series, Part 1 is available here) In February, about one year after I met with my soul from my successful past life as a Priestess, I sold my house and within a few days, I clarified my plans and took inspired action. I booked my flights and accommodations in St. Ives, Cornwall; Glastonbury, Somerset, and Marazion, Cornwall; for a six-week spiritual pilgrimage to England. I then proceeded to pack up my house, donate items, sell furniture and throw things out in the recycle bin or garbage. As I symbolically released the past, I experienced a range of emotions from loss, joy, and fear…

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    Reclaiming The Feminine

    By Andrea Lewis (Part 1 of a 3-part series) A few years ago, I opened my Akashic Records and met with my soul from a successful past-life. It was months after I launched my sacred business and because I wasn’t seeing the results I anticipated, I was ready to give up! From my mind’s eye, I saw the image of a woman come forth in the Akashic meeting room. She wore a medieval dress and orange-red colored cloak with gold embroidery around the collar and sleeves, her hair dark and flowing past her shoulders. She resembled a Priestess from the King Arthur era. “What happened during your lifetime that caused…