Visual Meditations

Sulis- a visual Meditation

Pegi Eyers ~ Sulis (2)


Evolved from manifestations of the Neolithic Great Mother, Sulis is the Celtic Mother Goddess of sacred wells, springs and healing waters, and casts her great eye over the entire land.  With her radiating or medusa-like hair, Sulis (meaning “sun” in Welsh) is a Celtic solar deity.  Worshipped in ancient Celtic lands at megalithic monuments, mounds and sacred springs, this powerful Goddess gave birth to each
new aeon from her great belly.  One of the Divine Mothers, Sulis reminds all women of our traditional role as keepers of the water.

About the Artist: Pegi Eyers
A new member of SOA currently in the orientation process, I have been a practicing visual artist and curator for many years, and have recently turned to writing full-time.  My current book in process is about the interface between First Nations and Settler societies.  I live on a hilltop with magnificent views for miles all around, in the countryside outside of the eclectic city of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  I love creating art with Goddess themes, wild nature, labyrinths and cats.