Journey to the Goddess

Journey to the Goddess – The three souls

By Gaia Wolf-Nightingall

Sitting with your back upright and in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Take a few moments to feel the movement of the air around you. And breathe in and out in a relaxed, gentle rhythm.

Begin to notice how the air is moving into your nostrils as you breathe. Linger with your attention on this movement for ten more revolutions of breathing and as you do so, feel your body and mind relax. Becoming more and more relaxed with every breath that you take in.

Imagine now that in your mind’s eye that you find yourself in a place of deep comfort, a place where your mind can go to seek solace and relax. It may be a place you have been to physically before, or perhaps be somewhere from pure imagination; a waterfall, seashore, a cornfield or perhaps at the foot of your favourite tree. Make the image of your chosen place as vivid, as real in your mind’s eye as possible. Feel the touch of the air on your skin, breathe in the scents and listen to all the sounds that swirl around you. Now here in your place of comfort, imagine before you an ornate archway, a doorway if you will to another realm.  Make this picture as clear as you can with your inner eye. If a clear picture evades you, simply see if you can sense or feel its presence.

And now taking a gentle breath inwards, step through the archway.

You find yourself at the top of a rocky cavern, which opens up to the earthly realms below.  Ten stone steps lead downwards into the womb of the great mother.  And the steps are lit on either side by flaming crystal torches that illuminate the steps and cavern walls.

Breathe deep and step down onto the tenth top step and as you do feel yourself let go of extraneous thoughts and relax. Now breathing gently and rhythmically step onto the ninth step and relax even more. Now continue to breathe and walk, down each step feeling more and more relaxed with every step that you take. Step eight, seven, six and step five, now rest on the fifth step for just a moment and notice your surroundings.

Continue with another breath inwards down onto step four, feeling even more relaxed. Step three, breathing gently, to step two and now feeling completely relaxed and at peace walk down onto the final step. Breathe deep once more and step down onto the soft belly of the earth.

You are in a glorious cavern, crystal rock formations sparkle all around you, shimmering with light.

Stalactites majestically rise up from the floor of the cavern to greet pure white stalagmites clinging to the cavern ceiling.

Take a few moments now to centre yourself in this place. How do you feel?

Listen carefully now, here in the mother’s inner temple. The sound of moving water is flowing in rhythm like music. Let the sound of trickling water guide you forward, step and breathe until you see before you three tranquil pools of water, clear and calm, nestled between every growing calcite rock formations. These are the waters of divine manifestation, the reflective mirrors of the God herself.

Approach the first pool and look into the water’s depths. This is the pool of your younger self. The instinctual self. The self that wishes to learn, explore, play and create. Your younger self-aware for the first time that it is conscious. Look deeply into these waters. What do you see, hear, taste and sense?

The time has come to move to the second pool of water that you see. Breath gently and approach.

This is the pool of your talking self. The self who has experienced itself manifest, as human, as a conscious expression of the great mother, the self that can communicate with the physical world and all other physical expressions of the divine. This is the self that learns from experience. The self that strives to express what it has found.

Look deeply into these waters. What do you see, hear, taste and sense?

Move now to the third and final pool, breath gently and approach.

This is the pool of your Godself. Of God herself. The self which is always in communion with the divine mother, that understands that it is a spark of divine ever evolving. This is the endlessly creative, compassionate, understanding and boundless self.  The self which is connected and understands the true nature of love.

Look deeply into the waters. What do you see, hear, taste and sense?

The music of the waters drifts back into your ears, a call to depart this place and return to the earthly realm above. Take a moment longer, close your eyes and listen. Are there any words or images which the Goddess wishes to impart to you here in her wise womb before you leave?

With gratitude for all you have experienced here, move forward towards the stone steps that guided you into the mother’s cavern.

At the bottom of the staircase begin breathing gently and rhythmically. Now begin your ascent up the stairway.

As you climb feel yourself becoming more and more awake and more refreshed, step one, two, three and four. Now step onto the fifth step and notice just how energized you are feeling.  You are bringing earth energy up within you.

Now place your feet onto step six, feeling more alert, seven, eight and nine. You are now about to step onto the final step, and as you do so, you are aware that when you walk onto the top step, you will be able to see the ornate archway which led you to the stone stairway. Step onto the final step and on seeing the archway walk through it once again.

Once more imagine your sanctuary place, your place of comfort.  Breathe and allow the room in which you sit become clear in your vision. Breathe deep.

And on the count of three, you will open your eyes. Fully present in your body, refreshed and awake. One, two three.

Open your eyes.

Feel yourself fully present in your body and say your name out loud three times.

If you have your journal to hand, sit for a few minutes and write down as much detail of your journey as you can.

Arianrhod by Gaia Wolf-Nightingall


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