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by TB Kelley Blessings to the Goddess above, poring down on me all her love, she showers me with knowledge, and keeps me safe. Goddess Hekate no one can replace. Bless me in everything I do. Great Goddess Hekate I ask of you. Help me through the strifes of life, make me be strong, and face my demons plight. At the crossraods we will meet, dancing under the moon where […]

One Woman’s Thoughts by Susan Morgaine  #4 If a tree falls in an empty forest, is it heard? If a woman screams alone in the darkness, is she heard or do her screams echo into infinity to resurface in her nightmares? Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Healer, Writer, Yogini.  Her writings can be found at her blog at ShaktiWarrior.wordpress.com, PaganPages.org, The Girl God Anthologies, “Whatever Works: […]

by Margo Wolfe As a mother raising a teenage daughter, I try to discuss the Wise Women that have made an impact on our world with her. There are so many famous and not so famous women that often get some mention but little detail in history class. We hear about Amelia Earhart , Marie Curie, and possibly Frida Kahlo in our art classes. They are a footnote, hidden in […]

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My recent painting “Panagia”  (pronounced pan-a-yee-ah), the feminine form of the ‘All-Holy,’ is inspired by my visit to the Paliani convent on Crete while on a Goddess Pilgrimage with Carol Christ. I am not a Christian, however for me, along with many, Mary is the archetypal mother. She further represents the Divine Feminine, while for some she is the feminine face of God. Mother Mary reminds me that even within […]

by Molly Remer Explanatory Note: In the women’s spirituality curriculum Rise Up and Call Her Name in the section about Africa (see http://www.riseupandcallhername.com/riseupcallhername.html for more information about this curriculum), there is a segment of reading about the Outraged Ancestral Mother: “We honor the Outraged Ancestral Mother and the belief that the sacred and secular are one” (“The female divine in all her glorious shapes, colors, and sounds”). I was very caught by […]

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by: Jhenah Telyndru This is part 4 of a 4 part series. The other sections included background and discussion on Celtic divinities, shrines and sacred places, the Celtic concept of the afterlife, the cult of the head, and the sacred year. The Druids The Druids were an elite class among the Celts, enjoying many privileges – such as exemption from taxes and from serving during war – and were accorded […]

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    TriskeleThe Sisterhood of Avalon (SOA) was founded in 1995 to serve as a receptacle of lore and wisdom for all aspects of the study of Avalon, as well as to act as a medium for community building for all who are beckoned to Her shores. Over time, the SOA has evolved to become a Sisterhood in truth, united in disciplined work and dedication, and committed to re-establishing women's connections to a strong Celtic-based Western tradition. Through study, research, and personal workings we are once again recalling our heritage.
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