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    The Journey Of Remembrance

    by Andrea Lewis (Part 2 of a 3-part series, Part 1 is available here) In February, about one year after I met with my soul from my successful past life as a Priestess, I sold my house and within a few days, I clarified my plans and took inspired action. I booked my flights and accommodations in St. Ives, Cornwall; Glastonbury, Somerset, and Marazion, Cornwall; for a six-week spiritual pilgrimage to England. I then proceeded to pack up my house, donate items, sell furniture and throw things out in the recycle bin or garbage. As I symbolically released the past, I experienced a range of emotions from loss, joy, and fear…

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    The Goddess Dances and Dunino

    The Goddess Dances at Dunino By Mary Petiet (Previously published by Motherhouse of the Goddess) No one knows who the seven daughters were, but the goddess still dances above the sea at Dunino. The road curves up and out of the Scottish town of St. Andrews, leaving the harbor below to the left. A small, unobtrusive sign appears on the right, pointing down a narrow lane. Dunino is very easy to miss, and we only found it with the help of a local who knew the ancient sites. Dunino means the Hill of the Seven Daughters. A lane leads to a church, which probably dates to the nineteenth century, but…