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One Woman’s Thoughts by Susan Morgaine #5 I awaken, gasping, still feeling the hand covering my mouth, in my nightmare I focus on slowing my heartbeat, bringing in that precious breath to come to a point of calm My thoughts wander to the dream, the metaphor of waking life. I am suffocating   Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Healer, Writer, Yogini.  Her writings can be found […]

One Woman’s Thoughts by Susan Morgaine  #4 If a tree falls in an empty forest, is it heard? If a woman screams alone in the darkness, is she heard or do her screams echo into infinity to resurface in her nightmares? Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Healer, Writer, Yogini.  Her writings can be found at her blog at ShaktiWarrior.wordpress.com, PaganPages.org, The Girl God Anthologies, “Whatever Works: […]

One Woman’s Thoughts By Susan Morgaine  #3 They say – what you don’t know, can’t hurt you but i can harm you in ways you never dreamt possible They say – words are sounds that cannot hurt you but words are weapons that wound They say – actions speak louder than words but words can be deafening I close my ears to the pain   Susan Morgaine is a Daughter […]

One Woman’s Thoughts By Susan Morgaine  #2 Don’t have emotions Don’t have feelings Don’t have pain — If you do, hide them away Hide yourself away Don’t expect sympathy Don’t expect understanding Don’t expect compassion For there is none to be had in the land of the sad   Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Healer, Writer, Yogini.  Her writings can be found at her blog at […]

ONE WOMAN’S THOUGHTS BY SUSAN MORGAINE  #1 I am not old but I am so old I am strong but I am broken I am a survivor and yet I cry I want to scream but I am silent I am a woman but there is a child within I am here but I am lost Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Healer, Writer, Yogini.  Her writings […]

Flying with Blodeuwedd By Christina McClendon Breath deepens In and out. Lungs expand In and out. Eyelids close and the waves appear. As the wave crests, I see Her face. And then She is gone. Another wave comes, again, Her face. The curve of Her smile, the wisps of hair under Her hood, The wide large eyes of Blodeuwedd. Stillness. Complete Bliss. Perfect Unconditional Love. Come with me, Fly with […]

Cauldron of Cerridwen by Jennifer R. Miller I am at ease in your velvety darkness that covers and heals me in places the light cannot reach, because I am much too weary now for all that blinding brightness. Under the supple, lustrous rays of the moon, I stare into the swirling black void of the cauldron that you stir and stir, seeing the eons pass behind and before me, giving […]

Ceridwen’s Song By Kate M. Brunner frost tendrils bloom wild, cold, and ancient up a lonely mountain path that which once was sweet river water now quiet like stone deep winter secrets grow over rock and lichen dark earth beneath a whispering song   Kate M. Brunner is a writer, healer, ritualist, & member of The Sisterhood of Avalon since 2010. She is also a current resident of Heartwood Cohousing […]

A Visit From Gwynn ap Nudd Or ‘Twas the Night Before Solstice by Natalie Reed Upon the sacred Tor I sit A fire of Oak, Ash, Thorn is lit I close my eyes, ask what I seek Wisdom is not for the meek Tales of mystic hero lore Memories from the days of yore Look to the sky, what do I see? A spectre looking back at me Wild dark […]

RENEWING BRANWEN SPEAKING WITH BRANWEN’S VOICE by Susan Morgaine   I know how hard it can be to have the ones you love disagree and fight, to know there is not much you can do, and yet know you must try. Because I know that, above all, Peace and Love are worth the tears and the blood you put into it. I know the heartbreak of talking to one, and […]

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    TriskeleThe Sisterhood of Avalon (SOA) was founded in 1995 to serve as a receptacle of lore and wisdom for all aspects of the study of Avalon, as well as to act as a medium for community building for all who are beckoned to Her shores. Over time, the SOA has evolved to become a Sisterhood in truth, united in disciplined work and dedication, and committed to re-establishing women's connections to a strong Celtic-based Western tradition. Through study, research, and personal workings we are once again recalling our heritage.
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