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    Mary Magdalene

      Danielle is a intuitive visionary artist and created  this painting, acrylics 40 x 50 cm – 16x 20″. Her artist’s name is PREM.  Danielle states, “It has been a wonderful journey to paint Mary Magdalene. When I started to connect with her Presence, She asked me to put an oil lamp in front of her… but actually it looks pretty much like a jar = The Woman with the jar!”

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    The Dark

    THE DARK By Robin Corak I am afraid,” the little girl whispered, as she shuddered and backed away. “But whatever is there to be afraid of?” asked the old woman. The little girl could not see the old woman but could hear her voice as if from far away. “The dark…I am afraid of the dark”, the little girl replied. “Why fear the dark, dear one?” The voice came closer and the little girl could feel something moving toward her. Her heart quickened as she shrunk away, trying desperately in vain to find an escape and clinging to the last bit of light reflected within the room. The crone asked…

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    Mysteries of the Cauldron

    The Mysteries of the Cauldron and the Sacred Feminine by Laura (Violet) Rimola The mist slightly rises from the wet soil, covered by a carpet of scarlet leaves. It rises, vaporous, veiling the bare trees and surrounding our gentle steps. The voice of the forest is silent and the boundary between the worlds is so labile that we can lay the eyes beyond the visible, beyond anything we know. The time of the passage across the mists is near and we are called to look into the cauldron. We are called to immerse ourselves into the cauldron, inside its regenerating power. We go down and down in the center of…

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    Healed in Ebb, Healed in Flow

    Healed in Ebb, Healed in Flow by Christy Croft backdated to Gwyl Awst of 2011 I grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Thirty years ago, it was less Myrtle “we have a Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood” Beach, but more a small touristy town loved by country southerners looking for a lower-cost vacation destination and runaway Canadians seeking a break from the late winter chills. Although I grew up at the beach, I didn’t spend as much time by the ocean as you’d expect. In high school, I might have occasionally headed down to hang out with some friends, but for the most part, my oceanfront visits were…

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    Taking Form

    By Robin Corak  I am like water. I touch and am touched by or feel in some way, shape, or form, everything and everyone I come into contact with. I run deep and I can be unpredictable. Sometimes I am still and silent, with an energy that nurtures and accepts. I move slowly in that I take the time to go within and to explore feelings, situations, and/or perspectives in depth. Other times, I move rapidly, a wave filled with energy that feels as if it will move or shake up everything in my path. This can be enacted in a positive way, through my unbridled enthusiasm for something or…

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    Recipe for Sacred Space Clearing and Blessing

    by Edaine Is your space just not feeling right? Do you have a home for sale that is not selling? Is your home, office, or shop feeling dark, heavy, or not welcoming? Most likely, you need a space clearing and blessing. In the same way that we need to keep our bodies clean with good hygiene, our homes and offices need cleaning and clearing too. This is called “Psychic Hygiene”. When there is negative activity in a space where people have been arguing, or, someone passes away and there is a residue of sadness, or, there are spirits (ghosts) lingering in your space, it will create a feeling or condition…

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    Change–Poetry Meditation

    by: Rhosyn Gwyn   Standing on the precipice of possibility Like a nestling Flexing neophyte wings For the first time Nameless obscurity Clouds the landscape where all will be known and understood Benumbing fear Intoxicating joy Mingling As I spread my wings And jump into the future Bio.: My name is Rhosyn Gwyn, and I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a story teller, a music maker, a student, a teacher…the list goes on. I am also a new Sister in the Sisterhood of Avalon, having started my orientation in May of 2014. I have always had a love for all things Celtic, primarily Irish Celtic, so when the…

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    Conversation with Cerridwen

    by Margo Wolfe   Cool autumn eve.  The air chills your face.  You bring the corner of your cloak up to your eyes and shield yourself until the wind passes.  When you remove your arm, she is there.   Cerridwen, Crone, Shapeshifter— a vision of our future self. She frightens you even when she smiles, but her withered hand takes yours with such a powerful grip that you can only follow where she leads.   She sits you down on a hollowed log—gnarled with knots and holes.  Not exactly a comfortable chair.   She stands before you, stirring the contents of a cauldron, deliberately, slowly, like all her movements.  …

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    Calling the Barge–Poetic Reflection

    by Laura Violet Rimola (translated from Italian by Alessandro Zabini) A tinkle rustles through the gloaming mists and comes to the farthest shores, calling the Barge of the deep Journey. Silently comes the Barge, gliding over the waters, coming close to the shingle, calling us aboard it, and we sit down inside it… It’s empty. No one can row in our stead. Our Journey proceeds from us alone, and sitting down aboard the barge is not enough to begin to voyage, because we can’t let ourselves be led without leading our walk. If you don’t act, nothing can happen, and you keep still. Two oars are inside the barge, and…

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    Wise Women- Poetry Reflection

    by: Leandra Standing in her kitchen, she ponders her life Her never ending job as a mother and wife She thinks back to the days of Olde And how the witches lived as the stories are told So much has changed throughout all these years Fear for their lived replaced with new fears Do we let it slip at work of the path that we follow? And face friendships replaced by words that are hollow? She stirs a pot that’s simmering on the stove Thinking back again to her ancestors in groves Gone are the cauldrons and cast iron pots Replaced by microwaves and thousands of watts Gone are the…