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A Visit From Gwynn ap Nudd Or ‘Twas the Night Before Solstice by Natalie Reed Upon the sacred Tor I sit A fire of Oak, Ash, Thorn is lit I close my eyes, ask what I seek Wisdom is not for the meek Tales of mystic hero lore Memories from the days of yore Look to the sky, what do I see? A spectre looking back at me Wild dark […]

By Gaia Woolf-Nightingall Let us to gravitate into the inner realms of our divine hearts and enter into the garden of the Goddess, the divine wellspring within, to dance to the cadence of She who is of Infinite Skies, to the God Herself. Find for yourself a comfortable,warm position seated or lying down, closing your eyes, take deep cleansing breath in and release. Now take in another gentle cleansing breath in […]

RENEWING BRANWEN SPEAKING WITH BRANWEN’S VOICE by Susan Morgaine   I know how hard it can be to have the ones you love disagree and fight, to know there is not much you can do, and yet know you must try. Because I know that, above all, Peace and Love are worth the tears and the blood you put into it. I know the heartbreak of talking to one, and […]

Meditation Journey for Healing your Inner Child by Lori Feldmann Sit in a calm, relaxing space. Take nine deep breaths, and let go of the cares and worries of the day. Continue this cycle of breathing until you have come into a relaxed and peaceful state. Find yourself in your childhood home. (If you had more than one, use whichever place you identify most with your childhood). Really visualize the […]

by Lori Feldmann I recently had a friend remark to me that “you sure do use the word Sovereignty a lot”. I laughed, because she was right. But I’m unapologetic for my overuse of the word, and I think it lies at the core of what we are trying to do on this personal path of growth that we are following in the Sisterhood. All of us, as women in […]

By Sydney Bell I describe my work as supporting women in reclaiming Body Sovereignty.   You could simply say that I work with people to help them develop a ‘better body image’ and you wouldn’t be wrong, that is definitely part of it.  But over the years I’ve gravitated to the term ‘Body Sovereignty’ because I feel it speaks more to the depth and breadth of this work and the […]

  Danielle is a intuitive visionary artist and created  this painting, acrylics 40 x 50 cm – 16x 20″. Her artist’s name is PREM.  Danielle states, “It has been a wonderful journey to paint Mary Magdalene. When I started to connect with her Presence, She asked me to put an oil lamp in front of her… but actually it looks pretty much like a jar = The Woman with the jar!”

THE DARK By Robin Corak I am afraid,” the little girl whispered, as she shuddered and backed away. “But whatever is there to be afraid of?” asked the old woman. The little girl could not see the old woman but could hear her voice as if from far away. “The dark…I am afraid of the dark”, the little girl replied. “Why fear the dark, dear one?” The voice came closer […]

The Mysteries of the Cauldron and the Sacred Feminine by Laura (Violet) Rimola The mist slightly rises from the wet soil, covered by a carpet of scarlet leaves. It rises, vaporous, veiling the bare trees and surrounding our gentle steps. The voice of the forest is silent and the boundary between the worlds is so labile that we can lay the eyes beyond the visible, beyond anything we know. The […]

Healed in Ebb, Healed in Flow by Christy Croft backdated to Gwyl Awst of 2011 I grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Thirty years ago, it was less Myrtle “we have a Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood” Beach, but more a small touristy town loved by country southerners looking for a lower-cost vacation destination and runaway Canadians seeking a break from the late winter chills. Although I grew […]

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    TriskeleThe Sisterhood of Avalon (SOA) was founded in 1995 to serve as a receptacle of lore and wisdom for all aspects of the study of Avalon, as well as to act as a medium for community building for all who are beckoned to Her shores. Over time, the SOA has evolved to become a Sisterhood in truth, united in disciplined work and dedication, and committed to re-establishing women's connections to a strong Celtic-based Western tradition. Through study, research, and personal workings we are once again recalling our heritage.
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