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  Nos Calan Gaeaf Ancestor walk Gaia Woolf-Nightingall gnightingall@yahoo.com earthelementalart.com   Find yourself a comfortable position, you may wish to sit or lie down.  For a few moments, we are going to sit and notice our breath. That life-giving action that we barely pay mind to as we go about our daily lives. Bring your attention to the very tip of your nose, breathe by breath notice the vital air […]

Journey to the Goddess – The three souls By Gaia Wolf-Nightingall Sitting with your back upright and in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Take a few moments to feel the movement of the air around you. And breathe in and out in a relaxed, gentle rhythm. Begin to notice how the air is moving into your nostrils as you breathe. Linger with your attention on this movement for ten […]

Reclaiming My Voice Through the Cycle of Healing by Heather Embree Last year for the Cycle work, I was focusing on releasing the energy of sexual trauma and PTSD.  I knew the cycle was going to be challenging because this is an issue that has haunted me for most of my life. Everything was lining up with the process to start my journey into Descent. I know when working in […]

The Sacred Element of Fire  By Gaia Woolf-Nightingall Fire is a truly enigmatic element. It expresses itself in the starlight that filters into our eyes, illuminating the world around us. The vibrant colours of passionate expression, envelop the body of the flame. Red, orange and gold move in a pulsating dance. Bright yellow flickers on its surface and radiates through its heart, where a blue luminous eye holds the spirit of […]

STEPPING INTO THE LIGHT: BLODUEWEDD’S CALL By Robin Corak The first time I saw her, It was 2003, and I was at my first intensive in the Berkshire mountains. My fellow sisters and I, cloaked in black, walked silently through a labyrinth in the forest. When I got to the center of the labyrinth, I glimpsed a beautiful woman with long, blond hair and magnetic eyes staring at me from […]

Flying with Blodeuwedd By Christina McClendon Breath deepens In and out. Lungs expand In and out. Eyelids close and the waves appear. As the wave crests, I see Her face. And then She is gone. Another wave comes, again, Her face. The curve of Her smile, the wisps of hair under Her hood, The wide large eyes of Blodeuwedd. Stillness. Complete Bliss. Perfect Unconditional Love. Come with me, Fly with […]

I AM THE LIGHT OF MY SOUL By Susan Morgaine In an uncertain world, one of the most important things we can do, as women, is to develop a soothing self-care practice. We were created by the Goddess, in Her image, and we carry a spark of Her radiant love for us. It is unfortunate, then, that the world does not see us as Goddess, nor do many even see […]

The Station of Confrontation By Jhenah Telyndru The Station of Confrontation of the Avalonian Cycle of Healing is aligned with the festival of Gwyl Mair (Imbolc) in the Cycle of the Sun. In the Cycle of the Moon, Confrontation holds correspondence with the Dark Moon phase. This stage of the journey requires us to recognize the truth of our core issues — old wounds, active fears, embraced limitations. There is […]

Darkness in a Time of Light By Susan Morgaine This is supposed to be one of the happiest times of the year, is it not? We have the Winter Solstice, the longest night, celebrating the re-birth of the Sun; Christmas, the birth of the Christ child, bringing light into the world; Hanukkah, the Hebrew Festival of Lights, lasting eight nights, celebrating the rededication of the Holy Temple, and Kwanzaa, the […]

The Way of the Earth  A journey to the aspect realm of Manifestation by Gaia Woolf-Nightingall www.gaiawoolfnightingall.weebly.com Sitting comfortably, close your eyes and take a gentle cleansing breath in and release. As the air flows in and out of your nasal passages, focus your awareness on the life giving oxygen, as it enters your lungs, and fills every alveoli, passing easily and abundantly into your blood, radiating out into every […]

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    TriskeleThe Sisterhood of Avalon (SOA) was founded in 1995 to serve as a receptacle of lore and wisdom for all aspects of the study of Avalon, as well as to act as a medium for community building for all who are beckoned to Her shores. Over time, the SOA has evolved to become a Sisterhood in truth, united in disciplined work and dedication, and committed to re-establishing women's connections to a strong Celtic-based Western tradition. Through study, research, and personal workings we are once again recalling our heritage.
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