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    Mary Magdalene

      Danielle is a intuitive visionary artist and created  this painting, acrylics 40 x 50 cm – 16x 20″. Her artist’s name is PREM.  Danielle states, “It has been a wonderful journey to paint Mary Magdalene. When I started to connect with her Presence, She asked me to put an oil lamp in front of her… but actually it looks pretty much like a jar = The Woman with the jar!”

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    Light on the Water

    This photograph was taken by Sara Leedom. Regarding this photo, Sara states, “I have been doing the Gold Ray Quest, and the theme of light has meant a lot to me now that we are turning toward Emergence. Having spent so much time in shadow and doing the necessary healing work, it feels like a big exhalation to break through and let in the light.” Sara joined the Sisterhood of Avalon at Calan Mai 2015. She lives in Seattle with her fiancé, a cat and a dog. She works from home doing video game development. Her spiritual path has taken her many places, and she is grateful for the opportunity to…

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    Acorn by Rhosyn Gwyn I once lived amidst the clouds in lofty limbs that held me close. I touched the sky without waxen wings. But I, too, have plummeted fallen and disgraced. The honorable tower above me casting down their dead and dying. And here I lie among the reeking wreckage of decay searching for the stars that once serenaded me with the secrets of the universe. But obscurity surrounds me as I become part of dismal destruction. And I sing. I sing my life, and my love. I sing the song of the universe as my heart breaks but not in grief or in death. It breaks open to…

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    Change–Poetry Meditation

    by: Rhosyn Gwyn   Standing on the precipice of possibility Like a nestling Flexing neophyte wings For the first time Nameless obscurity Clouds the landscape where all will be known and understood Benumbing fear Intoxicating joy Mingling As I spread my wings And jump into the future Bio.: My name is Rhosyn Gwyn, and I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a story teller, a music maker, a student, a teacher…the list goes on. I am also a new Sister in the Sisterhood of Avalon, having started my orientation in May of 2014. I have always had a love for all things Celtic, primarily Irish Celtic, so when the…

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    Wise Women…Past and Present

    by: Leandra Standing in her kitchen, she ponders her life Her never ending job as a mother and wife She thinks back to the days of Olde And how the witches lived as the stories are told So much has changed throughout all these years Fear for their lived replaced with new fears Do we let it slip at work of the path that we follow? And face friendships replaced by words that are hollow? She stirs a pot that’s simmering on the stove Thinking back again to her ancestors in groves Gone are the cauldrons and cast iron pots Replaced by microwaves and thousands of watts Gone are the…

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    Empowerment from Within

    Jamie Michelle Waggoner, with the Women of the May 2014 Texas Red Tent Retreat www.mythandmetaphor.com The women of the Red Tent sat in circle at retreat this past weekend; laughing, crying, sharing our stories about empowerment. After a guided vision journey with the goddess Blodeuwedd, I captured the words of the women as they spoke from the heart about their experiences, creating the powerful poem you see below … a beautiful reflection of our group journey and collective wisdoms.   Empowerment from Within A Red Tent Poem I saw Her eyes – they were golden She said to me, “Fly!” I want to soar, this strong urge to soar To…